Imitation of sex and political jokes: Madonna shocked fans at a concert in New York




Imitation of sex and political jokes: Madonna shocked fans at a concert in New York


A few days ago in New York, a big concert tour 61 year old Madonnaswhich she organized in support of her new album Madame x. Details of the last show appeared on the network only the day before – and, as it turned out, on that day the singer managed to surprise even her most devoted fans.

According to eyewitnesses, Madonna appeared on the scene much later than the declared time and apologized for this rather indifferently. In between musical numbers, the singer drank beer right on the stage and made jokes on a variety of topics. So, in one of her monologues, Madonna made a stinging joke at US President Donald Trump.MadonnaMadonna

What do you call a man with a small penis? Donald Trump!

– turned to fans of Madonna.

Eyewitnesses also noted that the singer behaved quite cheekily, stated that "every woman has the right to decide what to do with her body," and also imitated imitated sex on stage.

At some point, Madonna brought her three to the stage. children and asked Stella’s seven-year-old daughter what she wanted to tell the audience. After that, the baby spoke in support of the movement #MeTooopposed to sexual violence and harassment.

By the way, even before the concert, Madonna forbade fans to shoot shows on phones, so only a few pictures from the first concert as part of the tour got into the network. The singer suggested giving up phones during the concert so that she had the opportunity to "look into the eyes of every spectator."


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