Roku’s 2019 players revealed, starting at $30 – Video


One of the best ways to add streaming to any TV is by attaching a roku and here’s this new 2019 line up it starts just 30 Bucks for the basic player and goes up from there with Kulu actions including the first remote with programmable shortcut keys let’s dive in request seven players in all but only three are all new that includes the cheapest the tiny roku express for 30 Bucks.
It has a new design with a rounded top and an improved USB port for power.
Roku says 98% of TVs with USB ports have enough juice to run the Express, no power adapter required.
In my test, the previous version was plenty quick and it has all the apps and software capabilities of more expensive Rokus.
Also new for this year is the Express+ for 40 bucks.
Sold only at Walmart, it adds Roku’s voice remote with tv, volume, and power controls.
A super convenient addition that lets you ditch your tv’s remote.
The rest of the Roku’s all support 4k HDR streaming.
Although once again none of them handle Dolby Vision.
A new variation of the streaming stick plus, my favorite Roku overall.
Adds a remote with a headphone jack to Roku’s voice remote.
And is only available at Best Buy.
This year Roku also revamped its highest end device the hundred dollar Roku ultra.
The company says apps launch faster now claiming a 17% improvement in launch times in the top 100 channels.
It keeps extras like an ethernet jack and SD card slot for expanded memory.
And the cool remote finder function is also on board.
The biggest improvement however is the all new remote.
A pair of shortcut buttons as you program any function you want by simply saying the voice command into the clicker, and holding down the button.
Kind of like programming a preset on a car radio.
Possible functions range from launching apps, to programming searches, to turning captions on and off.
All the new Rokus will go on sale in October.
Look for full view soon at CNET.


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