School girl fills empty lip balm with cheese


We all used to sneak treats into class back in the day but one school girl just gave us all a lesson in the art of secret snacking.

Demonstrating a stroke of sheer genius, the nine-year-old from Missouri hid a stick of cheese in an old lip balm container – the perfect back-up for when school lunch doesn’t quite hit the spot.

The girl’s mother, Valerie Schremp Hahn, posted a photograph of the invention on Twitter and the now-viral post has attracted some serious praise.

Social media users from across the globe flocked to comment on the tweet which has amassed over 67,700 likes so far.

“Further confirmation that the future is female,” one wrote.

Another added, “Clearly this child has no need for further education.”

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“Your daughter is living in 2079 and we are all still here in 2019,” a third wrote.

The school girl stumbled across the invention on Troom Troom, a DIY hacks YouTube channel which ran an episode on back-to-school tips for sneaking food into the classroom.

Trialling her product, the girl took two of the aptly-named ‘cheese stick chapsticks’ to class and enjoyed a few bites during breaks.

“You can lick it and no one will know,” she told Buzzfeed.

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When the headteacher caught wind of her invention, she found it hilarious and even gave her a well deserved shout-out in the school newsletter.

Her mum tweeted, “Our new school principal just ducked into her Girl Scout meeting, asked for her, and said she’d give her a shout-out in the school newsletter.”

Anyone tempted to make a cheeky cheese lippy for work tomorrow?

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