The Philippines famous mango soft serve, Maxi Mango opens first outlet in Singapore


SINGAPORE — Originating from the Philippines, the popular mango soft serve dessert chain, Maxi Mango, opens its very first outlet here at Capitol Singapore.

Maxi Mango started as a pop-up kiosk at food fairs in 2017 and it quickly became a popular dessert store, with over 43 outlets around the Philippines in a short span on 10 months. The Philippines is known for its sweet mangoes and Maxi Mango is taking the mango craze to Singapore!


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In Singapore, the brand will launch five signature Maxi Mango soft serves, namely, Mango Graham, Mango Keso (soft serve with cheese topping and crushed graham crackers), Mango Ube (Philippine purple yam puree atop mango cubes and soft serve), the Signature Maxi Mango and Mango Coconut (coconut flesh and mango cubes with house-made coconut syrup), which is exclusively created for Singapore.

The soft serves come in two sizes, 8 oz. (S$4.90) and 12 oz. (S$6.90). To ensure the sweetness of the mangoes, the fruit is shipped weekly from the Philippines to Singapore.

Other items on the menu include ice blended shakes – Mango Shake (S$6.90) and the Mango Graham Shake (S$6.90).

The Maxi Mango franchise is brought to Singapore by local lawyer-investor Jean Foo, who is looking expand Maxi Mango within Singapore, and subsequently around the Asia Pacific region.


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