What links Billie Jean King, Clive Lloyd and Eddie Edwards? The Weekend quiz


1 What did Nellie Bly do in 72 days in 1889-90?
2 In Asian archaeology, what is IVC?
3 Who prayed “Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet”?
4 The Canyon of Heroes is on which street?
5 Which house was bequeathed to Margaret Schlegel by Ruth Wilcox?
6 Galena is the chief ore of which metal?
7 Which magazine for mercenaries was launched in 1975?
8 Whose ashes were scattered by Innominate Tarn on Haystacks?
What links:
9 Star-nosed; blind; hairy-tailed; shrew?
10 Friendly; Navigator; Sandwich; New Hebrides?
11 JMW Turner; LS Lowry; Albert Pierrepoint; Churchill?
12 1902; 1911; 1937; 1953?
13 Pandia; Ersa; Eirene; Philophrosyne; Eupheme?
14 Oh Neil; Sweet Home Alabama; Superstar; FURB?
15 Billie Jean King; Jack Leach; Clive Lloyd; Eddie Edwards?

Sandwich solution sorted? Photograph: Getty Images Photograph: Brian Macdonald/Getty Images

The answers

1 Travel round the world.
2 Indus Valley Civilisation.
3 St Augustine (of Hippo).
4 Broadway (for ticker tape parades).
5 Howards End (in EM Forster novel).
6 Lead.
7 Soldier Of Fortune.
8 Alfred Wainwright.
9 Species of mole.
10 Former names of island groups: Tonga; Samoa; Hawaii; Vanuatu.
11 Played on screen by Timothy Spall.
12 Coronation years since 1900: Edward VII; George V; George VI; Elizabeth II.
13 Moons of Jupiter (officially named in 2019).
14 “Answer” records: Carole King (re: Oh Carol); Lynyrd Skynyrd (re: Southern Man); Lydia Murdock (re: Billie Jean); Frankee (re: F**k It).
15 Bespectacled sports stars.


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