Will [SPOILER] survive after this week’s episode?


Did a major Titans character really meet their end at the conclusion of the latest episode? Spoilers lie ahead.

The latest episode of Titans has arrived, and it might have featured a major development. Throughout most of the episode, Jason Todd’s Robin was running his mouth, but did Deathstroke kill him and why not?

Right away, many orthodox, longtime DC Comics fans are probably proclaiming no. You do not have to be an old-age fan to know of the “A Death In The Family” story. In this Batman tale, we see Jason Todd’s Robin die at the hands of The Joker… with a crowbar. Adding further villainy is blowing Robin up. Jason Todd has yet to really appear outside of the comics in other media, aside from the animated film Batman: Under The Red Hood. In any other times, he gets little to no mention at all. It appears as if the creatives don’t want to address the “A Death In The Family” arc, at all. One can understand when some of these projects enter production with kids in mind. Titans is certainly an exception, though.

So why not kill Jason Todd in Titans then? Can they keep fans astray long enough? In other words, do you want to see Jason Todd die now or survive for another season or two? The writers are keeping us busy hating this character enough, so better kill him now. Can you imagine, though, that they lead up to the Joker in the season, though? Not only that, but the Joker may really steal the show, as well. Hence maybe it’s time to let someone else do the deed of killing off Jason Todd.

On this basis, let us assume Jason Todd’s Robin dies at the end of Titans season 2. Again, building up the Joker will take away time from the Titans themselves. Plus, if the Joker enters then we have to involve Batman, as well. Remember who headlines this show, and it is not Batman, ladies and gentlemen. Sure, these two characters really do not need too much world-building for audiences, but we cannot simply drop them in, either.

We all know Deathstroke plans to do more than just defeat and kill the Titans. He needs to break them up, disrupt them and drive them against one another. And killing one member can certainly help do this. This season is also showing Jason as being more of Dick’s responsibility rather than Batman’s.

Deathstroke killing Jason Todd helps create new storytelling. Remember fans, you have the great Batman: Under The Red Hood adaptation with Jensen Ackles. Now, there are other possibilities here. Maybe Deathstroke did not kill Jason Todd. Perhaps he killed Dr. Light. Is it possible we enter a scenario where Dick assumes Jason Todd killed Dr. Light, leading us to get even more distrust within the team?

We do know for a fact that Dr. Light bled, but not Jason Todd. That path of blood is possibly Dr. Light’s, having bled out as Deathstroke drags him off. One possibility is Dick and the Titans rescue Jason Todd, he gets the scolding and you know the rest. Later on, much like “A Death In The Family”, Jason Todd goes against Dick’s wishes to take on Deathstroke alone, hoping to prove himself in the process. Perhaps he even sacrifices himself in an explosion to thwart the villain.

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But these are all nothing but theories at the moment. Who knows where this season will turn. No one could have predicted that crazy scene from the series premiere in which Dick beat up Batman coming could they? Sure, that wasn’t, but that’s beyond the point. What do you think? Do you want to stick to the norm of Jason Todd dying at the hands of the Joker, or are you okay with it being Deathstroke?


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