Elizaveta Peskova explained why she took a break in communication in social networks: "Digital-detox is simply necessary nowadays"


Elizaveta Peskova explained why she took a break in communication in social networks:

Lisa Peskova

Subscribers of the 21-year-old daughter of the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth drew attention to the fact that the girl had long since disappeared from Instagram. What caused her disappearance, she explained yesterday, when she restored her account and made a new post.

For a long time my days did not begin as calmly as this month without instagram. Still, digital-detox in our time is simply necessary, no matter how fashionable and pathos it sounds.
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To be honest, a month later, I completely lost the desire to maintain my blog, but after a little thought, I realized that Instagram is a useful tool that we are entitled to use in our interests (from school to monetization). And if you use it for its intended purpose, then it is not so harmful. Rather, it is even useful if it is done for yourself and for people around you (hereinafter, the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved. – Note ed.),

She wrote.

Lisa Peskova

It is worth noting that now Lisa writes on Instagram under a new nickname – from stpellegrino she turned into poor Lisa (bednaiya_liza). Either Peskov is a fan of the work of Nikolai Karamzin, or is it such self-irony …

She talked about the Moscow rhythm of life and told how she manages to keep up with everything.

Every moment is important in this city. At least to all self-respecting purposeful people. If you do not get up at 6 in the morning, most likely everything will go awry and most of the day will be lost. It is very important to leave your comfort zone and make it more difficult than, say, in Paris.
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Moscow kills naivety and teaches to value time. At this time, I began to build my schedule. I combine studies at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations with my projects (work), dancing, sports and still plan to add drawing. Combining several things at once in this Moscow rhythm, I realized that time-management is a real, compulsory lesson of the future, which should be taught in all schools in the world. And Moscow is a kind of school of life,

– wrote Peskova.

As the public reacted to Peskova’s thoughts, one can only guess – Lisa turned off comments on her posts. She keeps Instagram in the format of a diary, which, apparently, does not imply the opinions of strangers.

Lisa Peskova


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