It has introduced a fear in all industries


Exactly a year ago, in 2018, #MeToo took India by storm. And Bollywood was the most hit. Everyday names of celebrated directors, actors, producers, music directors and more, were revealed, along with gruesome details of harassment shared by their victims.

a woman talking on a cell phone: Kriti Sanon at the India Today Conclave Mumbai 2019© Vikram Sharma
Kriti Sanon at the India Today Conclave Mumbai 2019

Today, however, the wave has ebbed. Social media isn’t abuzz with names, and neither were the accused or perpetrators rightly punished. Yet, the movement was important. And speaking on Day 2 of India Today Conclave Mumbai 2019, in a session titled #iFeelYouGirl: On liberty, equality & creativity. And expanding space to be a woman in Bollywood, Kriti Sanon revealed why.

“I am glad that we spoke about it. It takes a lot of guts for a woman or man to talk about it in public,” Kriti started off.

But did the speaking up help? Has Bollywood today become a better, safer place for women? As an actress working in the post-#MeToo times in Bollywood, Kriti said, “I don’t know if has become a safer place, but there is this fear now that anybody who thinks about crossing that line, would have to pay the price for it. Unfortunately, the cases that come up are ‘he said and she said’. They are not recorded, so how much can you do in terms of getting justice. But I am glad that there is fear now.”

On the work front, Kriti is waiting for the release of Housefull 4, followed by Panipat. After that, Kriti will be seen in Mimi, a film based on surrogacy.

In pics: Kriti Sanon enjoys mini vacation in Turkey

Kriti Sanon enjoys mini vacation in Turkey: Kriti Sanon is busy with multiple projects - Panipat, Arjun Patiala and Housefull 4. However, the actor recently took from a break and headed to Goa and Turkey with her friends. Here are some clicks from Kriti's latest trip to Antalya in Turkey. (Photo: Kriti Sanon/Instagram)

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