Jay Jenathan Van Ness, the star of Queer Show "Straight through the Eyes of a Gay", admitted that he is HIV-infected




Queer show star

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness, 32, known for his popular Queer Eye Queer show, admitted that HIV infected. He said this in an interview with The New York Times in anticipation of the release of his memoirs Over The Top, which will go on sale September 24.

I have had nightmares every night for the past three months. There are questions to talk about

He declared.

Jonathan said that he learned that he was HIV-positive when he was 25 years old. Then he fainted right at work.

That day simply devastated me and destroyed me. When our show “Straight Through the Eyes of a Gay” came out, it was difficult for me because I could not decide if I wanted to talk about it. Then I thought that the Trump administration did everything possible so that the stigmatization of the LGBT community would flourish. I really feel the need to talk about it. I want people to understand that you will never be so broken that you need to be “fixed”

– he said.

Jonathan Van Ness

In his memoirs, Van Ness also said that in childhood he became a victim of abusive behavior on the part of an older guy.

Many people who have experienced early sexual abuse suffer very serious injuries,

He added.

In addition, he admitted that he suffered from drug addiction and twice underwent rehabilitation.

Jonathan Van Ness

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