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Major college basketball programs will soon be on the court and before the court.

The college basketball season is just around the corner, and so is the upcoming season for NCAA prosecutions of high-profile schools linked to major rules violations.

The NCAA recently hit the University of Kansas and its head coach, Bill Self, with allegations of major infractions. Now, as NCAA officials suggested previously, the rules-enforcing organization is advising fans to stay tuned for more charges aimed at more schools.

NCAA Infractions Committee member Carol Cartwright recently wrote NCAA Vice President of Enforcement Jon Duncan to inform him that the committee’s “preference” is for no additional notices of inquiry to be filed before Nov. 20, but promising that “more cases will follow in the coming months.”

In addition to Kansas, the NCAA has targeted North Carolina State and its former head coach, Mark Gottfried, with allegations of misconduct.

In a lesser-known case, the NCAA this week hit Georgia Tech for rules violations. The school was banned from postseason play for the upcoming season, a minor penalty since Georgia Tech has struggled of late. But it also put the school on four years of probation and imposed other penalties that include a reduction in scholarships, limits on recruiting and fines. The NCAA not only imposed a set fine of $5,000, but it also ordered the basketball program to forfeit 2 percent of the program’s budget.

The Georgia Tech penalties are not related to the FBI’s investigation of corruption in college basketball. But the charges against Kansas and North Carolina State are.

Federal authorities conducted a long-running inquiry into the relationship between major shoe companies and their payoffs to high-profile athletes on behalf of their favored schools.

The NCAA is following the feds’ prosecution road map to put together what could be devastating cases against college basketball royalty.


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