Ring Fit Adventure is a real workout – Video


They even did Ab work in here.
This is a video game.
This is a video game [LAUGH]
It’s time to test Nintendo’s new Switch game, Ring Fit Adventure.
And my body is ready.
You knew I had to say it.
Come on.
It had to be said.
All right, first I gotta put this joycon on the left leg.
Glad it’s got enough room.
Got some mighty thighs here.
All right.
You have your con snapped into the ring con you have a leg strap another con on it And I am going to go on an adventure beating bad guys with exercise.
And this is a quick preview we’re getting before it comes out on October 18th.
All right.
All right I’m already calibrated.
It measured it to my strength and how much I can press the ring in and out.
I don’t know what it’s gonna be like I’m sure I have the strength of a ten year old boy.
So let’s see how this is.
I’m not very fit person, but you know what, now’s the time to get fit.
So let’s do this.
Some ways to go before I look like her.
Looks like I set free in a really big bad guy, who definitely goes to the gym way more than I do.
It’s measuring my heart rate.
This is crazy.
The land that we begin is called beginnia.
All right?
No, I have to actually raise my knees [LAUGH] To climb stairs, no [LAUGH] It sucks in everything.
All right victory.
Now this is only thirty minutes, and I’m already like [SOUND] [LAUGH] I am not a fit person.
This is making me laugh and just how I have to keep moving constantly.
This is also fun though, so even though I’m tired, I’m like let’s go see whatelse, I wanna see the next thing.
It’s pretty easy to understand you’re just pulling the ring and you’re squeezing it in.
It’s a lot of squeezing pulling and a lot of running.
They don’t let you off easy because the joy con is sensing how high I’m moving my leg.
So when I have to go upstairs, I have to really get my feet up there.
I can bet it’s only going to get harder for me Whoo this level has monster bad guys.
[SOUND] You know, it’s kind of nice about these moments of explanation.
I can catch my breath a little bit before engaging in battle.
Select a skill Okay.
So you can actually select which skill you wanna do.
Now you’re on the squats.
Let’s burn those thighs.
You got it, three.
No, that was faster.
Okay, good I beat him.
My God.
That was one bad character.
That was a lot of exercise for one character.
[LAUGH] I told you I don’t exercise.
This is getting my heart rate up.
This is making me want to move, which is a big problem.
I have no motivation to go to the gym.
I have kids at home.
What am I gonna do?
When do I have time to go to the gym?
I’m having fun here.
I could see myself playing this and having my kids next to me.
It’s making me do exercises that I normally wouldn’t do.
I don’t do squats and I don’t do presses.
Hold it, I hold it.
All that all that.
I feel like I’m doing it right.
No, no, I cheated that one big fan of exercises where I get to use their in kind of the squeezy and the pulley I got that.
You start getting me on the floor on, that is nasty.
It do not play it, do not play around trying to cheat.
It really, it really measures like how well you are like holding it.
It is not kind.
But you know what mama needs, a little motivation, mama needs someone to give a little tough love.
Guys levels have items you can collect like gelatin and protein powder and ingredients to make smoothies, which you can then drink for energy and heart health.
There’s a lot of mini games you can play.
If you have a lot of friends over you want to pass it around, see what you can accomplish quickly.
This is the gonna work my perks.
This one for the pecks okay?
[SOUND] My God, No, no, no, [LAUGH] I’m moving it.
Here is 70 [INAUDIBLE] I couldn’t get a 100.
[UNKNOWN] This is like smashing the little gophers.
Pulling in the squeeze is not easy, guys.
It’s not easy.
[SOUND] It’s working out my core.
It just says.
Yeah, I like this game [SOUND] [NOISE] I [UNKNOWN] make my [UNKNOWN] very sexy.
So if I only have a certain amount of time in the day and I know I just want to quickly work out my arms, I can make a fitness Routine that just works out my arms and will tell me like how long it’ll take just a few minutes or whatnot.
So that’s pretty helpful when you know a lot of time in your day and you just want to get out the door.
All right now this is a creative feature.
It’s called multitask mode.
You don’t even need the switch game on at all to get your workout points and you can take The ring con with you and set it up.
So it’s just measures the reps you do in the day.
And when I do a little squeeze, I hear a little beep, beep, beep beep and then when I get home, it’s gonna give me points for all the workout.
So let’s say I’m at my desk, working at the computer.
I could be squeezes with my thighs.
Just kind of Doing this as a little busy activity as I’m thinking about the next great video I wanna make, certainly I’m getting points.
Getting those experience points.
Okay, that was really fun guys let’s be real about what we just experienced here.
I broke a sweat And was laughing and there was just a lot to take in between the RPG adventure and the mini games.
And it was legit.
One thing that has been on my mind personally lately is that I have no time to go to the gym.
I just had a baby recently, so I want to get more fit again.
And then I have kids in the house, so when am I gonna go to the gym, right?
When am I going to leave them?
When they’re asleep, it’s hard to get to the gym.
We were talking and looking at do I get a exercise bike and a whole big piece of equipment in the house.
And [UNKNOWN] is crazy expensive, no way.
Here I can see myself doing this.
I can see having fun with the family or when the kids are asleep.
Also squeezing in small exercises when I can before work after work.
I long wanted a video game to gamify exercise in a good way or even have a machine gamify exercise But everything always left me like one note.
Okay, that’s great.
You’re on exercise bike and you’re going through a valley like this is very expansive.
This will keep the playability and the replay ability going on for a while.
This is so much more than that we fit the we fit with something I love playing.
Back in the day, I was a whole different person back then.
But with the Wii Fit, it was more just having my friends over and doing it here and there.
But I didn’t actually get a real work out in like I was with this and I only sampled it just for a few minutes.
That’s actually a good thing because if you’re gonna spend $80 on this game, you wanna get your money’s worth.
Do you wanna say that?
Worked out and I had fun and I’m playing an adventure game that lasts a long time.
So I think the price there is a real deal if you’re looking for something to motivate you to work out.
Having a gym membership doesn’t always do it need something else.
This is a great entry level game to get you off the couch when I’m on a couch now.
It gets you off the couch.
It gets you playing, makes you wanna see what’s gonna happen next.
So they did a good job there.
I’m looking forward to seeing more.
Now where’s that smoothie?
Here they have smoothies here.
Kind of thirsty, I deserve this, all right.
Do you wanna grab some McDonald’s later or something?
I don’t know.


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