Google Assistant is now available for most Chromebooks


In addition, the new version lets users control audio from one place, making it easy mute their device if, say, a video suddenly starts playing from one of their many, many tabs. They can easily access those controls by clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen. It’s now also easier for parents to add screen time for their kids within the Family Link app if they’ve been behaving exceptionally well.

The updated platform makes it easier to send web pages to other devices, as well, which was a feature that rolled out with Chrome version 77 earlier this month. All users need to do it is click on the address bar and choose “Send to your devices.” Chrome OS 77 also comes with a battery saving measures that switches off the device after three days of standby.

Google’s announcements says the update “will be progressively rolling out over the coming days.” Those who still haven’t gotten it will see it hit their devices soon enough.


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