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How’s it going, everyone?
I’m Jeff Bakalar, and I’m checking out Mario Kartour on a telephone.
And if you want to know how this game is, it’s just fine and it controls real weird and there’s so much currency and so much other nonsense going on.
It’s like playing one of those Las Vegas digital slot machines.
You know, the ones are all like the crazy tree branch lines and you’re just like, what can I, What can I win?
It’s like no, it’s $10 a spin.
And you don’t even know if you won.
You just have to trust the computer if you won.
But that’s not exactly what’s going on here.
But it’s just as confusing.
Let me show you.
So first I’m going to show you all of the screens.
And look I get it Mario Kart is not just for like kids.
It’s for people my age who grew up playing Mario Kart.
But if I’m like 10 years old, I don’t understand what the hell is going on in this game.
You got like 30 different kinds of currencies.
Each game you will you’re awarded all this XP for all these different types of.
It’s like, I don’t even understand what I’m supposed to do.
The only thing that makes any sense is when you actually get into a Mario Kart game.
And I’m not saying this is bad.
It’s just a little confusing for the average player and I don’t play a lot of mobile games.
So maybe this is par for the course for people who do that They understand what it’s like to have eleven different currencies inside of a video game, but for me, the Mario Kart purist, I simply have no idea what’s going on in the back end of this game.
The way it’s set up, there’s these different tours, right?
And the first tour you’re on is a Mario Kart tour.
And the game says, well, we’re gonna change this up every week.
So that sounds fine.
Let me jump right in to the first track of the New York City.
Mario Kart Tour, and I’ll show you a little bit of game play.
You can’t always choose your player.
You unlock players as you progress, and then you unlock some of their other special features.
Let me show you.
So I’m gonna unlock this character, play with this kart, and then use this hang glider.
This new speed is available.
So let’s, let’s go with that.
Let’s unlock the faster version.
And let’s race.
This implies that there are multiplayer competitors, but no, it’s just you against a bunch of named bots.
It’s cool some of these tracks are from some of the games.
That you might have played on Nintendo console.
So that’s really fun.
And let me show you how this works.
Okay, there’s a super glide here.
You can hold that rocket start down.
All right, there you go.
Now I’m basically just swiping my thumb left to right to turn and It, It’s fine.
It’s you know, it’s it’s serviceable.
Now check it out, I let go.
I just let go and this game is basically driving for me right now.
You there’s no real way to go off the rails because everything sort of seems like it has an invisible fence on each track.
So Is there a lot of skill involved here?
You always do tricks off jumps and you get that speed boost.
After which if you play a lot of Mario Kart you’re well aware of, you know, for people who want to play this game and be competitive.
They know all about those Those drifting moves you can do when you left and right.
And that’s sort of where all the strategy of this game comes into play.
The items are almost automatically selected for you, and you kinda just have to tap in front or behind the car if you want it, depending on the direction you want the item to go, how you wanna to use it.
Like I said, it’s really kind of on autopilot in a way that even feels more autopilot than the console versions, which is like a thing people complain about.
So I barely did a thing and I got second place magically.
It’s fine games just fine.
It’s going to pass the time for you while you’re waiting for you know the dentist to call you into the office.
Now here’s where things get a little nutty.
Okay, I just got all that XP points for my character, my car and my glider.
Okay, now I move on and I’m awarded more points.
That I don’t know relate to stores in some capacity and the stores are what you need to progress into the next grand pre.
Again I have only been playing for a few hours but you can understand where I’m coming from whether it seems to be just a lot of confusing numbers and currency.
If you love an intendo for its simplicity and its pick and play ability.
It’s a little more than that on the mobile version and again, this is iOS and Android.
Okay, let me let me.
Let me bump you up to another tour.
This is the Donkey Kong.
I already finished the Mario cup.
So there’s the Donkey Kong cup.
I’m gonna play rock rock mountain.
And before I do that I just want to bring you through like a lot of the other screens.
So here is your player level, where it explains how you progress and how you were able to unlock the new race.
Your award agendas for certain levelling ups.
Man, there’s a whole coin thing that I haven’t even wrap my head around.
And then there’s the whole notion of these rubies and you can purchase rubies if you want and that should allow you to unlock new characters.
And I’m not joking, ladies and gentlemen, this game will let you give it.
69.99 If you want to right now, you could pull out that credit card and say Mario Kart tour, you’ve won me over with your intrigue and charm.
Here’s my credit card for 70$.
All right, let’s play rock rock mountain.
I’m gonna choose a peach for this one.
I don’t think I can see it.
I’m trying to select this car but it tells me I need to check the daily selects in the shop.
I assume that’s attached to some sort of purchase so we’re not gonna do that.
And okay, let’s let’s enter this This race.
This course is from the 3DS version of Mario Kart, Rock Rock Mountain.
The game looks great.
Everything looks fantastic, production value wise, this thing is [SOUND] spot on.
Here we go.
I forgot to do the rocket launch.
That’s going to be a bummer.
Okay, this this track is a real good indication of just maybe how not fun it is to control the steering.
So all those left’s and rights for me if I had a controller I’d be able to, knock those out but because this is touch You’re sort of left with this like sliding your finger across, and you’re definitely going to just ride that invisible wall as you try and make your way through the track.
It’s not the best, but again, it’s not the worst Mario Kart.
It’s just fine.
Hey, so there you have it Mario Kart tour.
It’s fun.
I’m not gonna lie.
It’s definitely a fun game.
It’s free.
Once you get into the purchasing things get a little more confusing and dicey, but you can’t really argue with free to start iOS Android.
There you have it, go check it out.
Let me know what you think.
Thank you so much for watching.


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