Penelope Cruz had a surprise during the award ceremony at the festival in Spain


Penelope Cruz had a surprise during the award ceremony at the festival in Spain

Penelope Cruz

The other day, a 45-year-old Penelope Cruz flew in to the San Sebastian Film Festival to imagine there is a new film with his participation "Wasp Network" (Wasp Network). But the actress was waiting for another pleasant event – earlier it became known that Cruz will receive the honorary Donostia Award.

The awarding ceremony was held last night. For such an important moment Penelope chose an elegant white dress, decorated with feathers, from Chanel.

Penelope CruzPenelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

The statuette on the stage of Cruz was presented by the famous musician and singer, 59-year-old Bono. Celebrities warmly greeted and kissed each other.

The performer also knelt in front of the actress to kiss her hand, and Penelope herself instantly later mirrored this beautiful gesture. The appearance of Bono, who is also one of Penelope’s close friends, was a pleasant surprise for her from the organizers.

Bono and Penelope CruzBono and Penelope CruzBono and Penelope Cruz

So, at first the director of the film festival, Jose Luis Rebordinosa, took to the stage, but when everyone expected that he would now hand over the prize to Cruz, he stepped aside, and Bono came out of the wings.

By the way, among the dramatic actors Penelope is one of the youngest prize winners. In addition, the actress became the face of this year's festival – her image was placed on the official poster of the show.

Bono and Penelope Cruz

In her gratitude speech, Penelope noted that her two main dreams came true: to be a mother and earn a living by acting. Recall that she was fascinated by cinema even in her teens when she saw the film by Pedro Almodovar.

However, Penelope drew attention to more important topics. So, in her speech she mentioned that since 2003 only in Spain from violence more than a thousand women died from men.

How many more will there be in the world? When will women find that incredible power to openly declare that they live in such a situation? Hope this doesn't happen too late for them,

Penelope said.


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