Queen, Country, and Family: An insider talks about core values ​​in Kate Middleton’s life.




Kate Middleton

The day before, a source close to the royal family told what principles a 37-year-old adheres to in life Kate Middleton. An insider noted that he noted that the Duchess very clearly defines her values ​​and priorities and sees the well-being of her native country as one of her main goals.

The queen, the country and the family are in first place with Kate. Her main values ​​largely determine how she lives and works,

– Western media report.Kate MiddletonKate Middleton

Anonymous also said that Kate supports a collegial approach to work. The Duchess respects the opinion of each member of her team and often listens to their advice. In addition, Kate takes her role in the royal family very seriously and always tries to do everything in her power to solve certain problems.

She takes the time to listen to even the youngest members of her team. Then they say: “Wow, she knows my name. She asked what I think!” Kate always remains true to herself, and even if you make a mistake, she will still support you. She treats other people well so that in return she can get the best from them,

– says the insider about the wife of Prince William.Kate Middleton

Recall that recently another source close to the royal family talked about what principles Kate Middleton adheres to parenting. He noted that her own childhood is the main example for her in this matter. The Duchess is convinced that the life of her three children should not be somehow fundamentally different from the lives of their peers from simple families. It is for this reason that Kate is trying to spend as much time as possible with children in the countryside, in nature and surrounded by close relatives.Kate Middleton and Prince William with daughter Charlotte and son GeorgeKate Middleton and Prince William with daughter Charlotte and son George


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