Steven Cheung’s wife admits she feared for her life


28 Sep – Although she previously said that it was nervousness of being at the centre of attention that made her look sombre during her marriage ceremony, Steven Cheung’s wife Au Man Man recently confessed that there was something more concerning behind her reaction at the time.

As reported on Mingpao, Man Man recently posted a photo from her marriage ceremony that showed her dark expression, writing, “Everything happened so fast. Since I was young, I never thought about how my wedding would be like or when will I get married. I never imagined this day would come after a series of event.”

“Yes, I feel happy and excited, but I was also very scared, nervous and worried,” she added.

Man Man revealed that a month before she got married, she received a lot of messages from strangers and victims who scolded her for agreeing to marry the singer. She said they also insulted and threatened her and her child.

“I couldn’t hide my worried expression on the day I got married. I was looking around because I was scared someone would hurt us. I was really paranoid,” she wrote.

Man Man stressed that she was not forced to marry Steven, who was accused of cheating on several women while they were dating and having a baby together.

“I don’t know what other people define marriage, but for me, it is forever. Since I chose to marry this man, I will spend the rest of my life with him no matter what,” she added.

(Photo Source: Man Man Instagram)


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