First look at D-O, the interactive Star Wars toy droid – Video


Get ready to meet your new droid best friend.
This is D-O.
He’s a new app-enabled, Bluetooth-controlled, interactive droid [LAUGH] made by Hasbro.
He’s gonna go on sale for Triple Force Friday.
And you remember when BB8 was rolling around when that movie came out now there is a new droid toy.
So if you’re wondering who is do well this is the new droid and be featured in the upcoming movie rise of Skywalker.
He’s a self balancing manawheel droid.
So as you can see here, it’s not like the ball, the sphere, you remember from BB eight, but he’s just driving up and down and balancing on his own, and he has through the app, you can pop it him drive around, he’s able to turn.
That’s pretty cool, also has a lot of different animations for his different little personality quirks like every droid, he’s got a little beeps in the booth.
Was you know how he’s feeling or what Moody’s in you can use the app to activate all sorts of different moods and expressions when you’re driving him around.
He was made by deviate and in that regard has his personality.
Kind of like.
A little kid or a puppy droid following BB eight everywhere around, you can see was made by some scrap parts because he’s all dinged up little rusty.
I like the little detail and all the paint around here and all the little things and Nick’s has that are just add to his personality is got three rows of lights here that are kind of like his eyes And when he’s having different expressions, the little antennas in the back will move around based on how he’s feeling.
And because he’s a little puppy of sorts, he also has to have a little toy ball right?
So here is an IRB ball that he will follow around in different game modes.
So there’s the IR sensor here and looking for the ball so you could have do come to the ball or you can play a game with it.
Hot and cold.
Hide the ball in the room and see if DO can find the ball based on if he’s hot or cold.
You can give them clues.
So that’s that’s kind of cute to within the app, there’s a guessing game, so He will play a certain expression a certain emotion and have to guess which one it is.
Is he happy as he said is he confused as you surprised.
All the many emotions of a droid.
He’s got a button on the side that knows that he’s in the stand so you just snap him in.
The hole just hang out there.
What’s cool about the stand is that on the bottom here you have a storage compartment where you can put its charging cable or even these little back antennas when you want to store them and keep them safe, you just put it back on the bottom What’s kinda cool about the design here is that [UNKNOWN] is designed to cut off, so if you’re going fast and racing around and he crashes and antenna pops off.
Don’t worry, it’s supposed to do that.
To charge DO, you just have to plug in a mini USB cable and the accessory IR ball Takes two AAA batteries.
And you just turn it on and off by pressing the button.
His little lights up here will change when he’s charging to let you know how much power he has.
Out of the box, he’ll be about 30% charged, so if you wanna just start playing, you can.
I really like how it’s just a very simple play.
You just can drive them around on the app.
You can decide if you want to make them turbo fast or not just going in different directions and puppeteering what kind of emotions and expressions you want him to say.
They worked closely with Lucasfilm on making sure that It goes along with the character from the movie of course, as you would expect, if you want to adopt your very own D-O.
He goes on sale, October 4 triple Force Friday for about $150 and he is exclusive to target.


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