Online food delivery service Kemono collaborates with Japanese F&B group Keisuke


SINGAPORE – This is not a drill, fans! Online food delivery service Kemono is partnering Japanese F&B group Keisuke to launch a menu collaboration, Keisuke x Kemono.

Kemono will handle the online food delivery service, delivering selected meals islandwide. An exclusive selection of authentic Japanese soul food offerings will be made available only through delivery via


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Japanese celebrity chef Keisuke Takeda said, “We believe that Japanese soul food should be convenient and accessible to everyone, therefore we are thrilled to be a part of a food delivery collaboration that will be able to connect more people to our tantalising authentic Japanese creations. It is also something our existing customers have been asking for.”

Some food items you can look forward to in the menu:

Spicy Miso Saba Pie (S$9.90)

Miso Saba is a typical and traditional fish dish popular among the Japanese. Keisuke has localised the dish by adding a spicy touch to the sauce, and presenting this traditional dish as a pie.

Chicken Teriyaki Tsukune (S$5.90)

Tsukune is a popular Japanese traditional food made with minced chicken meat and commonly served in yakitori restaurants.

Chicken Okonomiyaki Tsukune (S$6.90)

Similar to the Chicken Teriyaki Tsukune, this dish also has cream cheese in the middle. But it is also served with a thin layer of egg wrapped around the Tsukune, brushed with okonomiyaki sauce and generously sprinkled with bonito flakes. This is a popular preparation method commonly practised in Osaka and Kyoto, in the Kansai area.

Salmon Yaki Onigiri (S$4.90)

A favourite in Izakaya bars. The Salmon Yaki Onigiri is a mixture of rice and salmon flakes, wrapped around Camembert cheese. It is then grilled till a crispy crust is formed on the outside, while maintaining the soft sticky rice on the inside.

Brontosaurus Milk (S$7.90)

The milk is 100% plant-based, vegan and does not contain milk and dairy. Made with raw almonds, fresh coconut, cucumber, celery and kale.

How to order:

Orders can be made through Whatsapp (+65 8600 5997), calling in (+65 8600 5997 / +65 8788 2789) or through the website ( The Kemono team will provide islandwide delivery from 11am to midnight daily.


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