We are warming ourselves: coats and cozy sweaters in new autumn lookbooks


We are warming ourselves: coats and cozy sweaters in new autumn lookbooks

Autumn has already managed to cool dreams of Indian summer with its first cold rains and winds. Residents of Central Russia have already had to get down jackets and warm pullovers from their closets, and they will not let you lie: the main thing is to meet the season fully armed and with the right wardrobe. Therefore, today we offer a closer look at knitted sweaters, warm coats and other warming accessories.


In the new season, Mirstores presents a collection that refers to the origins of the brand and built around its main subject – a voluminous hand-knitted sweater with a large, textured pattern. They decided to emphasize this idea in a lookbook shot at the Pekhorsky factory – on the territory of one of the largest domestic yarn manufactures for hand and machine knitting.

2.Cocos Moscow

Along with a large collection of knitwear this fall, the brand also represents a continuation of its line of outerwear: several models of coats, trench coats, quilted jackets. Down jackets will also be on sale in the near future.


The knitwear collection of the brand is presented in shades of beige, olive and brown. Voluminous sweaters will warm you in the cold, and thin sweaters will become the basis for multilayer or business images.


Autumn-winter collection of the brand was called "Harmony". New patterns and embroidery designs combine laconic lines and colors of natural shades that easily fit into the urban environment and the modern rhythm of the metropolis.


Teddy bear jackets, long sweaters, windproof down jackets and hats are a set that cannot be avoided in the fall, and all this can be found in the brand's new collection.


Instead of large-scale seasonal collections, the Russian brand produces compact capsules. The new one is dedicated to responsible consumption – hence the slogan Think First, made in a graphic pattern on sweaters.


The brand introduced the new Big Fall fall collection. Photographer Sarah Blays and model Lily Makmenami walked through the streets of Paris and created a series of comical photos, playing with the pun (fall means both autumn and fall). The range includes comfortable suits in a sporty style, light feminine skirts and formal coats.


The team of the Russian brand Cepheya, specializing in knitwear, released a collection together with designer Ksenia Sera. When creating things, they were inspired by the art deco style, sports and feminism.


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