Eyewitness tells different story about Na Ying attacking fan


7 Oct – After a netizen claimed to have been kicked by Chinese songstress Na Ying for secretly recording her on video, another eyewitness recently stepped in saying that there is actually more to the story.

As reported on ET Today, earlier this week, a netizen shared a clip showing a girl being kicked from behind by a woman resembling the singer, who also demanded for the girl not to film her.

The netizen claimed that the incident happened to her friend, who was a big fan of Na.

He or she also stated that they were not doing any harm, and just wanted to take a photo with Na. The said girl reportedly was so upset by the incident that she ripped up her ticket to see Na’s show and cried for a long time.

However, another eyewitness has now appeared in the discussion, saying that he or she saw how it all transpired.

“I head people arguing that day, and it was very loud. When I went over, I saw Na Ying in a heated argument,” the netizen said.

He or she stated that Na’s assistant has already reminded the girl not to film them but that the latter refused to listen, which prompted the singer to react.

“But later on, as she was about to leave, Na Ying did apologise to her,” the netizen said.

Na and her team has yet to respond to the allegations. However, netizens have mixed reaction towards the whole thing, with some saying that both parties are at fault in the incident.

(Photo Source: DW News)


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