Father Meghan Markle explained why he passed her letter to the British tabloids


Father Meghan Markle explained why he passed her letter to the British tabloids

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Last week it became known that Prince Harry sued on a number of British tabloids. The reason for this was the publication of a letter by Meghan Markle, which, according to representatives of the royal family, was another outrageous campaign to disseminate humiliating stories about the duchess and her husband.

Prince Harry and Meghan MarklePrince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan's father, Markle Thomas, who handed it over to the press, now decided to explain his decision. The man said that he kept the letter a secret for several months: for example, he received it in August 2018, and publications appeared in February.

I decided to publish parts of the letter after an article from Megan’s friends in People magazine,

– explained Thomas Markle.

Thomas MarkleThomas Markle

Recall, then an unnamed source from the environment of the Duchess of Sussex mentioned a letter that Megan sent to her father as a sign of reconciliation. However, Thomas felt that the information was misrepresented.

I had to protect myself. The letter was not at all filled with love for me. It was rather offensive. The message was presented in such a way that Megan goes forward and seeks reconciliation in the hope of ending the hostility, but this letter was not at all like that,

– said Thomas.

Meghan Markle

The duchess's father also shared with reporters that he was upset that his daughter had not shown any concern about his health.

This was not a letter to a loving daughter, she did not ask about my health. There was not a single line that could be interpreted as "let's meet and put an end to our differences." When I opened the letter, I hoped that it would be like an olive branch – the message to reconciliation that I had dreamed of. But instead, the letter only deeply offended me,

– Markle said, who denies that he received money from journalists for passing this letter to them.

Experts note that the lawsuit initiated by Prince Harry, was a complete surprise in Britain.

He makes a warning shot for the press. This is a very clear statement that Prince Harry sets the limits of what is acceptable,

– commented expert Katie Nicholl.


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