The best new beauty products launching in October 2019


It’s always exciting when we move into a new season because it means giving our beauty stash a complete overhaul.

As beauty addicts (yes, I said it), we’re often looking for tried and tested formulas, affordability and clever creations. And even if the products are a little bit spenny, we at least want to know whether it’s worth spending our pennies on.

But before they end up in your baskets, our excellent team of experts at Yahoo Style UK tested the new products ahead of launch to help you decide whether they are worth your hard earned cash.

Whether you are looking for an every day makeup product, a revolutionary anti-ageing skincare ingredient or a new fragrance to spice up your scent in the wintery months, this month’s beauty launches packs a punch.

Check in all month as we add new October favourites to the list as and when they become available.

“This is my first time using Elizabeth Arden and I was excited to try the new Brow Perfector. Brows are one of my bug bears when I am doing my makeup, so when I am looking for a product I want something that requires minimal effort (I stand by the fact that my brows are sisters, not twins). The product left me feeling conflicted. The spoolie brush is amazing and I love it. However, I found the micro-tip pencils and cushion powder frustrating as I found it made my brows look very unnatural.

“The product I must admit, did last throughout my very sweat gym class. With that though, I think for someone like me who needs to be able to do their makeup in less than 10 minutes, it isn’t for me. With that said, I am now grateful for a spoolie brush that has changed my life and has given me better brow game.”

“While retinol is the long-reigning hero of the skincare world thanks to its ability to clear up acne, tackle pigmentation, stimulate collagen and regenerate skin cells, its potency can be an irritant for many. But now there’s a new skincare ingredient, Bakuchiol, which is a plant-based alternative to retinol, which claims similar results without the sensitivity and derives from a natural source. It comes from the seeds of the Indian plant, Psoralea corylifolia.

“This powerful punch proved to be just as effective as retinol yet without the irritation for my skin, as I have both combination and sensitive skin. The main benefit of this product is that I can wear it during the day as well as overnight, allowing me to reap the benefits all day long. It’s super easy to apply thanks to the compact pipette which regulates how much you use: only 3-4 drops and it absorbs easily into the skin. The price is affordable, considering it should last you a couple of months too with daily use. I’m sold.”

“This clever little mask-treatment hybrid is just what skin needs as the temperatures drop. Ideal for reducing redness as well as calming and soothing skin, it gave my complexion a hydration boost and the TLC it needed.”

Reviewed by: Alison Coldridge, Yahoo Style UK Editor

“This beautifully rich face cream is designed to fight signs of fatigue – a side-effect of life we all need help with from time to time. It’s a treat to use: After a week of using it, I found my skin appeared more radiant and reenergised. Use after the serum from the same range to really take your skincare regime to the next level.”

Launch date: October 2019

Reviewed by: Sabrina Carder, Yahoo Style UK Shopping Editor

“There’s no denying that CBD has been a massive wellness and beauty trend in 2019 and therefore I was excited to add the ingredient into my evening routine. The oil was light and gentle on my sensitive skin and helped to control redness and texture. The only downside, however, was that the oil claims to be “fragrance-free” but definitely had an earthy smell (as to be expected with all natural ingredients). Not enough to put me off, but may be for some.”

Reviewed by: Jessica Morgan, Yahoo Style UK Shopping Writer

“When I first read the name of this scent, I was worried that I would actually smell of cannabis. But, to my surprise, it smells quite the opposite. The scent is said to be based on ingredients and locations that are synonymous with Los Angeles, containing top notes of Pink Pepper, Rosemary Essence and Bergamot, middle notes of Cannabis Accord, Lavender Essence, Sage Essence and base notes of Driftwood Accord, Patchouli Essence and Tonka Essence. I really love a spicy scent that settles nicely on the skin to reveal a warmer, woodier fragrance.

“I was also really pleasantly surprised that the scent lasted for ages – all day, in fact – and I received plenty of compliments from colleagues who asked me what I was wearing. I found the scent to be very calming, although it does remind me of men’s aftershave. This is a unisex scent so if you’re not bothered by a unisex fragrance then I would recommend it.”

Launch date: 1 October at Selfridges

Reviewed by: Alison Coldridge, Yahoo Style UK Editor

“This super chic cologne was created for both men and women. It’s a timeless scent that blends woody notes with plummy, floral tones and a hint of musk. It lasted all day and I couldn’t stop spritzing it.”

Reviewed by: Nadia Sekabanja, Yahoo UK Executive Assistant

“This is the first time I have ever heard of this brand, I tend to love sweet smells for my perfumes of choice. With that said, I love this fragrance so much! There is a sweet, yet floral smell behind it that isn’t overpowering which I find with other perfumes. The best thing about this perfume is that it last for the whole day, compared to other brands/scents I have bought and I have tried a few.

“The packaging is very cute and 50ml bottle is very handy and fits in my hand bag which is great. However, the price did make my eyes water and as much as I love this perfume, I don’t think I could fork out that much for a 50ml bottle. However, a purchase every few months I could and it would mean this could be a fragrance for a special occasion.”

Super Facialist Retinol Anti-Ageing Booster, £20

Reviewed by: Sabrina Carder, Yahoo Style UK Shopping Editor

“The serum contains the anti-ageing holy grail of skincare: retinol. It’s a great serum for those introducing retinol into their skincare routine, like myself, as it contained only 0.3%. This allowed my skin to gradually build tolerance to the ingredient, which you can then slowly increased to get the results you want. I mixed a few drops with my moisturiser daily and found that my skin felt brighter and lines were reduced.”

Launch date: October 2019

Dermalogica Thermafoliant Body Scrub, £39

Reviewed by: Jessica Morgan, Yahoo Style UK Shopping Editor

“This new product from Dermalogica has been the perfect companion for my nighttime skincare routine during bath time, and there’s nothing better than having a good ‘ole scrub on a Sunday evening. New from the brand, this thermafoliant body scrub was easy to use and left my skin feeling soft, smoothe and brighter. Its formula contains Indian Bamboo Stem and natural sea salt which gently exfoliates and refines the skin texture, while the combination of liquorice, white tea, coffeeberry, chamomile, tree tree and grapefruit peel purifies and refreshes the skin. I have super sensitive skin and I am prone to eczema break outs, but I didn’t react to this so I’m really happy.”

Launch date: 7 October

Byre British Dairy Body Wash, £5 each

Reviewed by: Nadia Sekabanja, Yahoo UK Executive Assistant

“This body wash is different from what I am used to. It comes out like milk than cream body wash. I love the fragrance and it did leave my skin feeling very soft. I love the fact the bottles are fully recyclable and that 96% of the ingredients are naturally derived. I have sensitive skin so I am always conscious about body washes i use, but this one was great! I think the smell, texture and the fact that makes it a product is partly made from whey powder from cows makes it different. Would definitely buy this product.”

Launch date: October 19

Super Facialist Vitamin C Brighten Booster, £18

Reviewed by: Sabrina Carder, Yahoo Style UK Shopping Editor

Launch date: October 2019

“As a recent Vitamin C fan I was excited to test out the new product. Unlike other Vitamin C serums it had a clear, light consistency and was fragrance-free so I could happily layer it with other products without creating an overpowering scent. It absorbed directly into my skin leaving a brighter complexion and was a versatile addition to cupboard of skincare saviours.”

Reviewed by: Jessica Morgan, Yahoo Style UK Shopping Writer

“I don’t often gravitate towards floral scents, especially as we’re moving swiftly into the winter months. But as a huge fan of Gucci Bloom, I just had to try the Ambrosia Di Fiori – and, unsurprisingly, I loved it. Unlike its predecessor, this fragrance has a spicier after scent (at least on my skin). While its base notes are similar of that of Gucci Bloom, this fragrance is more intense (hence the name) as it features the rare and tenacious velvety Orris, the root of iris. The other new note, Damascena Rose is distilled from the most fragrant breed of rose. And instead of a classical pyramid on top, it opens fully at once with noble and rare flowers: Jasmine Bud Extract, Tuberose and Rangoon Creepern.

“Plus, the gorgeous packaging will look good on anyone’s vanity or bathroom shelfie. What with Christmas coming up, I might even gift the perfume to my mother who will absolutely adore it.”

Launch date: October 2019

Reviewed by: Nadia Sekabanja, Yahoo UK Executive Assistant

“Great colour and value for money. It lasted for about 7 days (without chipping) on my feet. Very easy to apply, the brush is a good size which helped me to control how and the amount I used. I tend to not dither away from my usual brands when it comes to nails however, when looking into the brand they offer a vast range of colours which is great!”

Reviewed by: Sabrina Carder, Yahoo Style UK Shopping Editor

“Her Intense Eau de Perfume is the newest addition to Burberry’s fragrance line. The first version, Burberry’s Her, was the first perfume bought out by the luxury British brand under the new creative direction of Riccardo Tisci in 2018.

As the name suggests, the latest iteration is a bolder scent, but remains true to the original with notes of fruity blackberry. Although it’s definitely a light, fresh scent, the undertones of jasmine and benzoin help to strike the perfect balance. I for one am a big fan of the scent, the perfume has already become my everyday go-to – and from the compliments I received whilst wearing it – I’m not the only one.”

Reviewed by: Nadia Sekabanja, Yahoo UK Executive Assistant

“I don’t normally use eyeshadow as I feel my face doesn’t suit it and if I’m honest, I would know where to begin. Although this Givenchy Cream Eyeshadow makes me feel as though I should give eyeshadows the benefit of the doubt. I don’t usually apply makeup with my fingers but I found it was best to do so in order to get an even application.

“I love the colours of these eyeshadows, they are super pigmented yet not overbearing. It was also really easy to blend, with both my fingers and a brush. It is quite pricey for the size of eyeshadow and I wouldn’t usually spend so much (considering my foundation costs much less), however I am willing to make an exception.”

Reviewed by: Matilda Long, Yahoo News UK Senior Editor

“Full disclosure – when I started testing this product I wasn’t entirely sure what a ceramide night treatment was meant to do. But in the name of beauty I merrily slathered it on before bed every night and hoped for the best. After using it in combination with the PHA toner and my usual cleanser for a week I have noticed a difference – my skin feels soft and far less dry even after a week in an air conditioned office. Considering how expensive other night creams can be I was really impressed – I’d definitely buy this again.”

Reviewed by: Matilda Long, Yahoo News UK Senior Editor

“Following in the footsteps of beauty disruptor The Ordinary, the Inkey List is a no-frills brand that focuses on active ingredients. I have sensitive and dry skin and find many toners too harsh, leaving me pink and blotchy, but this toner felt gentle and calming for my fussy skin. A week after I started using it I noticed my skin looked brighter and felt moisturised and soft. Considering the price point I was hugely impressed. The Inkey List packing doesn’t feel particularly luxurious but at this price point that didn’t bother me.”

Reviewed by: Matilda Long, Yahoo New UK Senior Editor

“Caring for my feet has never been part of my regular beauty routine and I must admit it shows – I have noticeably dry skin and none of that baby softness we’re all after. I found this foot mask was a great solution for my poor neglected trotters – I stuck on the foil booties, wandered around my flat with robot feet for 15 minutes, and my dry skin was visibly improved when I took them off. My skin felt softer and more moisturised and this lasted for days afterwards. My only criticism would be that a single use product like this feels a bit wasteful – if I was shopping I would prefer to pick a product that doesn’t go straight into the bin.”

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