Coffee grounds make a good exfoliating scrub


SINGAPORE – We all know that coffee has a variety of benefits when you enjoy it as a beverage. But good news for non-coffee lovers, you can still enjoy the benefits of coffee even if you don’t drink it. Do you know that the coffee grounds from your morning cuppa can be used as an exfoliator?

I did not know until I come across Australian brand Frank Body.


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It all started when co-founder of Frank Body, Steve Rowley, who owns several cafes in Melbourne, found his female customers asking for his leftover coffee grounds to use as a body exfoliator.

From then on, they experimented on coffee grounds as an exfoliator and the rest was history. Their products contain coffee as a main ingredient and promise to heal even the driest of skin – we put them to the test here.

I started off with the Express-o Coffee Scrub. What struck me was the cheeky sense of humour on their packaging.

“I might be quick but I’ve never had a babe complain.” – their tongue-in-cheek message was about their fast and easy usage. All it takes is a few minutes.

“Only tested on babes” – their promise that the products have not been tested on animals.

Not just for your morning cup of Joe, coffee grinds are the star of the scrub, gently exfoliating your skin while promoting blood flow and collagen production. This fella’s talents aren’t confined to exfoliation – a series of antioxidants and oils help to fight breakouts, fade scars, protect from free radicals and hydrate your body too.

I like the texture of the creamy exfoliator as you lather the scrub on your skin, you can feel the coffee grinds doing their work. So it feels like my skin is well exfoliated. After usage, my skin does feel more smooth and less dry.

The A-Beauty Scrub contains kakadu plum that brightens your skin, eucalyptus for its antibacterial properties and macadamia oil for hydrating. (PHOTO: frank body)

Be careful about handling the coffee scrubs because they can leave a mess on your floors or counter tops. And they will get everywhere, in your shower, in your bathtub thereafter.

The next product I tried was the A-Beauty Scrub.

This is a lot messier as the product is not a creamy one, but a rather dry mix.

I did the same – wetting my skin with water and massaging the scrub over. You could really feel like you are massaging coffee powder onto your skin. After that, I rinsed off and I felt I actually might like this one better. My skin feels softer and smoother.

The Hydrating Body Cream contains ground skin that smooths skin, cocoa and shea butters that promote supple skin and pomegranate that protects and nourishes. (PHOTO: Frank Body)

After you have finished exfoliating, slap on the Hydrating Body Cream all over your body and it leaves your skin supple and firm the next day. It has been said to help eczema and psoriasis too.

All in all, my skin feels happy and refreshed.

Frank Body products are available at your nearest Sephora Singapore stores.


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