Hockhua Waist Tonic Chicken Soup


With the haze season just behind us, we can finally expel the last of the ash-filled air out of our lungs. But that doesn’t mean that breathing clean air is enough! There is no better time than now to revitalise our bodies and take care of our health by eating nutritious foods – like a bowl of chicken soup. Here is home cook Jasmine Ong’s recipe for Hockhua Waist Tonic Chicken Soup that uses Hockhua’s Waist Tonic Essence as a special ingredient to make this delicious chicken soup extra healthy! As the name suggests, the Waist Tonic Essence relieves back aches which is great for office workers and the elderly, but it is also really good for our lungs too!

Hockhua Waist Tonic Chicken Soup with Chicken leg, mushrooms, and white fungus

Hockhua Waist Tonic Chicken Soup

In case you have not heard of Waist Tonic Essence before; it is a traditional Chinese health supplement that improves blood circulation to rejuvenate and strengthen the body and relieve pain. The health benefits of Hockhua’s Waist Tonic Essence are:

  • Cordyceps – Promotes healthy lungs and kidneys, reduces cough and phlegm
  • Ginseng: – Improves stamina, promotes healthy spleen and lungs, aids blood formation, and helps in relaxation
  • Dangui – Aids in blood formation and circulation
  • Ba Ji Tian – Promotes healthy kidneys, strong bones and helps relieve rheumatism

Hockhua waist tonic essence and chicken soup recipe

Hockhua’s Waist Tonic Essence

With all these plentiful health benefits, the Waist Tonic Chicken Soup is not only great for when you need that extra health boost or relief from backaches, but also as a nourishing and digestible meal when you have fallen ill. A quick and easy meal to prepare, so you can always fix yourself a bowl even when feeling under the weather or for a quick weekday night dinner.

Here are the ingredients that you need: chicken legs, dried mushrooms, white fungus, red dates, chicken stock, goji berries, soya sauce, water, and Hockhua’s Waist Tonic Essence.

Begin by preparing the ingredients and boiling the soup.

In a pot, boil a litre of water and bring it down to a simmer. Add the chicken legs and let them cook for two minutes to remove the impurities for a clear soup. Set the chicken legs aside when done.

Blanching chicken legs

Blanch the chicken legs for 2 minutes

Prepare the white fungus by removing off the hard underside of the fungus and then cutting it into large chunks with a kitchen scissors. White fungus has multiple health benefits of its own too! Used for years by the Chinese and Japanese to treat dry coughs and for its anti-inflammatory effects, white fungus is also known as a more affordable version of bird’s nest as its collagen content is comparable to the expensive delicacy. This ingredient helps boost the health benefits of the soup and beautify your skin as well!

Removing the hard underside of white fungus with scissors

Remove the hard underside of the white fungus

Cutting white fungus into chunks with scissors

Cut the white fungus into large chunks

Boil another litre of water in a pot and add all of the ingredients, except the Waist Tonic Essence, into the pot and let it simmer for two hours. 

Adding mushrooms to chicken soup

Add the chicken stock, chicken legs, white fungus, and mushrooms to the boiling water

Simmering Waist Tonic Chicken Soup

Simmer the soup for 2 hours

After two hours, turn off the heat and season the soup with the soya sauce. Pour in the Waist Tonic Essence and stir the soup well to combine. #Tip: Do not boil the Waist Tonic Essence on high heat as that will destroy the nutrients and health properties.

Pouring soya sauce into soup

Season the soup with soya sauce

Pouring waist tonic essence into soup

Add the Waist Tonic Essence

Lastly, scoop the soup into a bowl and top it off with some goji berries and coriander for a nice touch and get ready to be fortified. 

Garnishing chicken soup

Garnish the soup with goji berries

Scooping Chicken Soup

Hockhua Waist Tonic Chicken Soup

Get the recipe here!

Hockhua Waist Tonic Chicken Soup

Servings 2 people

Prep Time 5 minutes

Cook Time 2 hours


  • 2whole chicken legs
  • 4pieces dried mushroomssoaked
  • 1piece white fungussoaked
  • 4 big red dates
  • 750ml chicken stock
  • 1litre water
  • 1tbsp goji berries
  • 50ml Waist Tonic Essence
  • 1/2tsp soya sauce


Step 1 – Prepare ingredients and boil the soup

  1. Blanch the chicken thighs by bringing 1L of water to a simmer and add the chicken legs. Cook for 2 minutes and remove the chicken from the water. Set aside.

  2. Cut off the hard underside of the white fungus and cut it into large chunks.

  3. In a soup pot, boil 1L of water and add the chicken stock, chicken legs, white fungus, and mushrooms. Turn down the heat and let the soup simmer for 2 hours.

Step 2 – Garnish and serve

  1. Turn off the heat and add the soy sauce and waist tonic essence and stir well.

  2. Garnish the soup with the goji berries and it is ready to be served.

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