Sarah Geronimo wants the perfect project with Daniel Padilla


9 Oct – Sarah Geronimo recently reacted to rumours of an upcoming project with Daniel Padilla, saying that she would love to do a movie with him.

As reported on PEP, the pop princess, who was asked about the possibility of them collaborating in a movie together, said that that will happen as soon as they are able to find a story that would bring out the best performance from both her and Padilla.

“I have to make sure that the material is suitable because I am older than Padilla and the project needs to be perfect. Hopefully it will be realised,” she said.

It is noted that fans have always wanted to see the two stars work together since they performed together on “ASAP” in 2017, followed by their duet at Geronimo’s concert in 2018. Even Padilla admitted that he would love to work with the singer in future acting projects.

The possible pairing was also supported by Padilla’s real-life girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo, who said in a previous interview that she would love to see the two of them work together as she is a big fan of Geronimo.

(Photo Source: Sarah Geronimo Instagram)


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