Virgin Orbit will launch world’s first commercial Mars satellite mission



Virgin Orbit will launch a commercial satellite mission to Mars. 

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The world’s first commercial small satellite mission to Mars is launching thanks to a new consortium created by Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit and Polish satellite company SatRevolution, the companies said in a Wednesday press release. The consortium — including the two companies and several Polish technical universities — will develop the first of up to three Mars missions, with the first planned for as early as 2022.

Only four organizations have successfully completed Mars missions, the release noted. The success of NASA’s MarCO spacecraft, which are only about the size of a briefcase, demonstrate that small, more affordable spacecraft can play a role in exploring the Red Planet. Early research performed by the companies found that spacecraft as light as 50kg or less can be used for tasks like collecting photos of Mars and its moon Phobos, analyzing the Martian atmosphere, and even looking for underground reservoirs of water, the release said. 

The mission will fly Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne rocket, which is now undergoing final preparations for a test flight later this year. 

“Virgin Orbit is thrilled to join this consortium, as it speaks directly to our mantra of ‘opening space for everyone’,” Virgin Orbit’s vice president of business development Stephen Eisele said in the release. “We have already seen the incredible utility of small satellites here in Earth Orbit, and we’re thrilled to start providing dedicated launches to deep space.” 


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