Would wake up and check on him in the middle of the night


Priyanka, Nick Jonas are posing for a picture: Priyanka Chopra opens up on husband Nick Jonas's Type 1 diabetes.
Priyanka Chopra opens up on husband Nick Jonas’s Type 1 diabetes.

It’s been 10 months since Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas tied the knot. If their dreamy wedding became the talk of the town, the couple’s PDA has made many go weak in the knees. Despite their busy schedules, Nick and Priyanka know how to steal some “we time.”

During The Sky Is Pink promotions, Priyanka opened up on Nick Jonas’s life with Type 1 diabetes. It was in November 2018 that Nick revealed he was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13. And now, talking about the same, Priyanka Chopra on a TV show revealed that she would often wake up in the middle of the night to check up on Nick during the initial months of their wedding.

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The 37-year-old actress said, “Initially when we first got married, I couldn’t wrap my brain around the fact that he knew when his sugar dropped, even when he was sleeping. He has this crazy discipline. He feels it.”

“I used to wake up in the middle of the night to just check if everything’s okay for a really long time,” added the actress.

Priyanka said that the way Nick lives his life to the fullest despite diabetes is an inspiring story in itself. “He has been taking care of his diabetes since he was so young that he just has a crazy discipline about it. He knows exactly what to do, when to do it. He lives the biggest life possible. He’s not restricted himself from anything. He plays sports, he’s touring. He lives an incredible life. It’s so inspiring to see,” said Priyanka.

“When he [started] Beyond Type 1, his foundation, that’s what he wanted to show people. Even if you have Type 1 diabetes doesn’t mean that your life has to be different. You can live it to its fullest. It’s so inspiring to me,” added The Sky Is Pink actress.

In November 2018, Nick made the big revelation when he shared a long post. “13 years ago today I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The picture on the left is me a few weeks after my diagnosis. Barely 100 pounds after having lost so much weight from my blood sugar being so high before going to the doctor where I would find out I was diabetic. On the right is me now,” he wrote.

“Happy and healthy. Prioritizing my physical health, working out and eating healthy and keeping my blood sugar in check. I have full control of my day to day life with this disease, and I’m so grateful to my family and loved ones who have helped me every step of the way. Never let anything hold you back from living your best life. Thank you to all my fans for your kind words and support. Means more than you know. Love you all,” added the singer-turned-actor.

While Priyanka is busy with the promotions of her Bollywood comeback The Sky Is Pink, Nick, on the other hand, is touring with his brother Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas.


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