Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds’ work wardrobe


Carrie Symonds has risen through the ranks as one of politics’ most influential dressers.

Since arriving at No.10 with her boyfriend Prime Minister Boris Johnson in July, she demands our attention through her stylish sartorial choices.

And while we’d the 31-year-old to own a wardrobe full of luxury items, she continues to champion affordable high-street buys.

As a keen conservationist, she also has an eye for eco-friendly and sustainable pieces such as her £255 eco-dress designed by Justine Tabak for her first public speech as the UK’s ‘First Girlfriend’.

Whether she’s heading to Balmoral to visit the Queen in something vintage or supporting her boyfriend at a conference in this season’s high-street steal, Carrie’s style is fool-proof. Here’s a look at the First Lady’s work wardrobe and all her most talked about outfits to date.


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