"Shoigu did not enter the frame": Sergei Shnurov wrote a poem about the rest of Vladimir Putin in the taiga


Sergey Shnurov and Vladimir Putin

The 46-year-old leader of the Leningrad group Sergey Shnurov was so inspired by the recent vacation of Vladimir Putin in taigathat he even wrote a poem in honor of the trip of the President of Russia. In a work published on Instagram on Wednesday, October 9, the artist expressed doubt that the head of state enjoyed silence and loneliness. Sergey ironically noted that, apparently, the detachment of officers led by the Minister of Defense of our country Sergey Shoigu, the employees of the Federal Security Service, as well as the cook and the film crew did not get into the frame, but were definitely somewhere nearby.

Sergey Shnurov

Autumn. How so good!
Fish, ducks under the gun.
Shoigu did not enter the frame,
There are a dozen officers with him,
Cook, crew,
FSO in the ditch breathes.
Hush! Do not shout at the shout!
Let enjoy the silence.
The forest buzzes with its foliage.
And in the bushes tanks, like moose.
I love being alone.
How good it is to fall!

– the musician wrote in the world blog.

By the way, Shnurov this time dispensed with obscene expressions and himself called his verse "blue." Spokesman for Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov commented on the musician’s poem. When asked by journalists about the plausibility of the artist described the leisure of the Russian head, he said that "the poet has the right to his vision."

Vladimir Putin

By the way, the artist is not the first to comment on Putin’s vacation. In July, he dedicated a poem to the immersion of the president at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. In his work, the performer called the head of state "personality and alpha, jack of all trades and the right man."

Sergei cannot be called apolitical; in February of this year, Shnurov replenished the composition of the public council under the State Duma Committee on Culture. The musician spoke about politics, a young wife, Russian society and alcoholism in an interview with Naila Asker-Zade. You can watch it already this Sunday in the program "Actors" at 00:30 on the channel "Russia".


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