Trover Saves The Universe “Important Cosmic Jobs” DLC Review


Rick and Morty Season 4 premieres in just over a month, but for those who simply can’t wait for more from the hilariously warped and twisted mind of Justin Roiland (which I assure you is a glowing compliment), Squanch Games returns with all-new, free DLC for Trover Saves the Universe.

The “Important Cosmic Jobs” DLC allows players to return to the role of a Chairopian who once again partners with Trover for another adventure. This time, though, it’s less adventure, and more scavenger hunt.

Players join Trover in his space-based workplace, exploring all that it has to offer while interactive with some of his colleagues and searching for items scattered about the space station. There’s really no major story to speak of, but that’s really not needed in this one-off piece of DLC.

Looky Loo

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If you’re lucky enough to have a PSVR headset, this DLC is definitely for you, as you’ll be looking around a lot. “Important Cosmic Jobs” could accurately be described as a 3D/virtual reality point-and-click adventure, as players follow Trover around on his quest to find rare Power Babies, VHS cassettes, and other random items that are requested of him by his – as Roiland so lovingly puts it – “weirdo colleagues.”

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The DLC trades Trover’s swordplay for mini-games and videos that any Rick and Morty fan can appreciate. The original sketches found on the VHS tapes can arguably be considered to be extensions of the Rick and Morty universe, as they could easily be dropped into the show alongside the likes of Ants In My Eyes Johnson or the corn on the cob television show. One of the better moments comes from the “Flower Juice” VHS, which had me laughing right along with Roiland himself.

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Space Slam Dunk

Space Slam is the mini-game that “Important Cosmic Jobs” adds, which is basically a combination of whack-a-mole mixed with basketball. It seems easy, but it’s not; at least when just using a controller. However, it is surprisingly fun and addicting. I spent far too long trying to get the high score (when I probably should have been progressing through the story), but it was definitely worth it in the end

Decisions, Decisions

The decision system from the original game makes its return in “Important Cosmic Jobs,” but none of the decisions seem to totally alter the outcome of the story. You just get a different reaction and joke from Trover or one of the other characters, which ultimately speaks to the DLC’s replayability if you’re really that desperate for more Rick and Morty humor. If that’s the case, you might as well just replay the original game, which was hilarious in its own right. This time though, do so as Jopo, a new playable character that the Squanch team added in an August update.

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“Important Cosmic Jobs” succeeds in its attempt at giving fans more of the Roiland-provided laughs that fans simply can’t get enough of. If you’re debating whether or not to finally snag the game for yourself, you definitely should. Although, at this point, that really goes without saying.

The roughly hour-long DLC shouldn’t necessarily be the deciding factor. The original game does well enough on its own to warrant your time and money. We gave Trover Saves the Universe a perfect score when it came out in June. “Important Cosmic Jobs” is just the cherry on top of an already perfect game.

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Trover Saves the Universe: “Important Cosmic Jobs” DLC is available for free on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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