Bobby Au Yeung excited to work with Joey Meng again


10 Oct – Bobby Au Yeung is excited to be working with Joey Meng again in his new TVB series, “Colleagues Do Great Things”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media about the upcoming series recently, stated that this is the first time the two of them are collaborating again since their 2015 period drama, “With or Without You”.

“When we did the previous drama, we didn’t know each other that much, but we had to film a wedding night scene. I asked her if I could touch her hand and she awkwardly consented,” he said.

This time around, Bobby revealed he and Joey will play the role of a bickering couple.

Asked if there will be any intimate scenes like in the previous drama, Bobby said, “It doesn’t really matter. We have really become good onscreen partners.”

As to whether he will have to do a lot of action scenes, Bobby laughed and said that it would be inevitable.

“However, no matter how intense they are, I don’t think we will do wire stunts because I am too heavy for that. It’s dangerous. No one would be willing to take that risk,” he said.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)


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