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Building a dope Roto squad around James Harden isn’t too hard if you have a sound game plan and know what you’re doing. In this article I’ll be detailing the players that I picked each round after taking Harden No. 1 overall, plus my thought processes along the way, guys that I almost got and/or passed on, and other picks that I liked and disliked.

League Details/Rules:

Private Fantrax League: 8-cat Roto scoring; Weekly lineups

12-man starting lineup (4 guards, 4 forwards, 2 centers, 2 flex)

12 teams x 25 rounds = 300 players deep

“Slow” Draft = Up to 6 hours per pick

Draft started on September 29th, and STILL hasn’t finished!

Best Ball: no trades, no pickups

That’s right, no trades and no player pickups, meaning whichever guys you draft, you are stuck with them for the entire season. So having a strong draft is crucial to success. My basic strategy in Roto leagues is to draft a mixture of both proven…


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