Cecilia Liu returns with new drama, “My Dear Self”


10 Oct – Following rumours of her showbiz comeback, it was reported that Chinese actress Cecilia Liu will be returning to television with a new modern drama.

As reported on ET Today, news of her comeback was confirmed recently, after she was seen at the blessing ceremony of the new series, “My Dear Self”, alongside the cast and crew.

It is said that Cecilia will play the role of “Li Siyu”, an optimistic woman who is willing to work hard to get what she wants despite her tragic past.

On the other hand, her leading man, Zhu Yilong plays the role Chen Yiming – a programme director who admires Li Siyu’s independence and hard work.

Their relationship will be tested when Chen loses his job due to certain events.

No news as to when the series is set to air.

Cecilia took a short hiatus early this year following the birth of her first baby with husband Nicky Wu.

(Photo Source: ET Today)


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