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Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov Dies

Alexey Leonov

The news came on the news feeds: at the age of 85, the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the first man to go into outer space, died. That famous spacewalk took place on March 18, 1965 and lasted 12 minutes.

Information about the death of the astronaut has already been confirmed in the press service of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

Alexey LeonovAlexey Leonov

The funeral and farewell ceremony will be held on October 15 at the Federal War Memorial Cemetery in Mytishchi.

Leonov is twice a Hero of the Soviet Union, he received this title in 1965 and 1975. In May 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, I degree.

Leonov was born on May 30, 1934 in the Kemerovo region. His father was repressed in 1937. In 1955, Leonov graduated from the 10th Military Aviation School for the initial training of pilots. In 1970-1991, he served as deputy chief of the Cosmonaut Training Center.

Leonov’s hobby was painting, in collaboration with science fiction artist Andrei Sokolov, he even created a number of postage stamps of the USSR on a space theme.



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