Michael Douglas admitted that "young bride" Catherine Zeta-Jones gives him an incentive to live


Michael Douglas admitted that

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

At the end of September Michael Douglas celebrated his anniversary – the actor turned 75 years old. On this occasion, Michael became a guest of the new release of the show Ellen DeGeneres, in which he spoke about his experiences. laryngeal cancerin relation to age and beloved family.

So, in an interview with Ellen, Michael said that he is feeling fine now, and admitted that in many ways this merit his spouses Katherine Zeta-Joneswho is exactly 25 years younger than him (Katherine and Michael were both born on September 25).Michael Douglas and Ellen DeGeneresMichael Douglas and Ellen DeGeneres

I'm just moving forward. I had cancer about eight or nine years ago – at this moment I thought about the fact that my wife is much younger. But as soon as I received a certificate that I was absolutely healthy, I realized that I had to go further. A young bride helps me feel good and keep myself in good shape,

– shared Michael.

The actor also admitted that his father, 102-year-old Kirk Douglas, is another incentive to live for him. He noted that despite his venerable age, dad still had “full hair on his head,” and said that his father was a great example for him.Cameron, Michael and Kirk Douglas, Catherine Zeta-JonesCameron, Michael and Kirk Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Recall that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones married in 2000 and in November will mark the 19th wedding anniversary. In a marriage, the actors raise two children: 19-year-old Dylan and 16-year-old Karis. Michael Douglas also has an older son from a previous relationship – 40-year-old Cameron.

In her interviews, Zeta-Jones repeatedly admitted that she does not consider the age difference with her husband a big problem:

When my mother told me about men and some facts from life, she never set the age limit. It's pretty funny that Michael and my parents are the same age, but when they saw us together, they never even thought that he was 25 years older than me.Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-JonesMichael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

By the way, the relationship of the couple was not always smooth. In 2013, Katherine and Michael decided to take pause in relationship (the reason was bipolar disorder Catherine). However, it never came to a divorce: a few months after the breakup, Douglas and Zeta Jones reconciled and began to live together again.


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