The Japanese singer suffered from an attack by a fan who tracked her by a reflection in her eyes on a selfie




The Japanese singer suffered from an attack by a fan who tracked her by a reflection in her eyes on a selfie

Ena Matsuoka and her abuser Hibiki Sato

Selfies are not only an opportunity to show oneself in all its glory and collect likes in social networks, but also an excellent clue for the criminal. This is proved by the shocking story that recently happened in Japan.

According to NHK, the other day, a 26-year-old resident of the country, Hibiki Sato, was charged with assault and sexual harassment to her idol – 21-year-old soloist of the Japanese pop group Tenshi Tsukinukeni Yomi Ene Matsuoka.

Ena MatsuokaEna Matsuoka

The offender claims that he tracked the singer in a very original way – he carefully examined her eyes for selfies, in which he saw the reflection of the railway station. Further, a resourceful criminal found this place using Google Street View, arrived at that very place and began to wait for Enu Matsuoku. At some point, the girl arrived at the station by train, and Hibiki followed her to her house.

The criminal went into the house for the pop singer, covered her mouth with a towel and tried to rape her. Trying to protect herself from the offender, the girl received facial injuries, for the treatment of which she spent a week.Hibiki SatoHibiki Sato

During the interrogation of Hibiki Sato also admitted that he studied in detail not only the selfies of a member of the popular Japanese pop group, but also her video on social networks. With their help, the young man tried to find out exactly where Ena lives through the curtains and the angle of the incidence of light.

It is noteworthy that cases of attacks by fans on their idols occur in Japan regularly. So, in 2017, the country even introduced a punishment for the persecution in social networks. This article appeared after another brutal crime – then singer Mayu Tomita received about 20 stabs as a result of an attack on her by fan Tomohiro Ivazaki. The girl’s offender was sentenced to 14.5 years in prison.Ena MatsuokaEna Matsuoka


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