SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Fantasista Utamaro Limited Edition Design


SINGAPORE – Japanese skincare brand SK-II has reimagined the packaging for their cult favourite product, Facial Treatment Essence, with a new manga feel. Dubbed Fantasista Utamaro, the limited edition design release is followed with a story of Imma, Japan’s first virtual human as she discovers the power of pitera ingredient and gains superpowers. imma then meets actress Haruka Ayase, singer-songwriter Leah Dou and model Behati Prinsloo Levine, and their journey is set to the song ‘Oh Pitera’ which is performed by John Legend. Pretty whimsical, we must add.

Superhuman Imma (below) pictured here with Haruya Ayase. (PHOTO: SK-II)

There are three collectible designs – black and white, shades of pink, red, purple and blue, purple, red colourways. Upon first look, you’ll be able to recognise anime elements drawn in shapes of speech bubbles, fight kapow elements and hints of liquid formation.

Let’s look at the product: The star ingredient in this essence is the pitera, a natural bio-ingredient derived from yeast fermentation containing over 50 micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids to condition skin’s natural functions. Pitera basically mimics the naturally occurring compounds in our skin’s outermost layer, with the aim to lock in moisture.

It is recommended that you use the facial essence twice a day, morning and night. The essence has a clear tint to it and it isn’t oily or sticky at all. The instructions were simple: just dab two to three splashes into the palm of your hand, and dab the essence all over your face and neck after your usual cleansing step. Any excess can be dabbed onto your décolletage. Pat gently to dry and to allow the essence to fully absorb into your skin.

Upon first application, I noticed a smoother and softer appearance. It also has a light scent that’s not too overpowering, almost like rice water. Experts say, continuous use up to two weeks would show results like reduced spots, less wrinkle lines and radiance all around. As it’s not a product that shouts instant results upon application, due diligence should be practised together with your usual daily skincare routine.

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