Gregory Lee gets nervous working with mother Si Ming


17 Oct – Although they only collaborated in one scene, Hong Kong actor Gregory Lee recently admitted that he was very nervous working with mother Si Ming for the first time in the new movie, “Drifting City”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who attended the premiere of the said movie in Hong Kong alongside the said actress, stated that he sees Si Ming as an idol in his career, which is why he was so scared about filming the scene with her.

“I was a little afraid of my mum, not because she was mean. But because of how strong her presence was. Just a glance from her terrified me,” he said.

Asked how Si Ming treated him on set, Gregory stated that the actress saw him as just another co-star.

“We would communicate during rehearsals, but she treated me like an actor instead of her son,” he said.

As for Si Ming, the veteran actress said that Gregory has always been a great actor.

“He had a knack for acting since he was a child. He could get into character very easily. But he still has to work hard. I am not saying he is not good, but that I hope he would get more opportunities in the future,” she added.

Asked if they would like to work together again in the future, Gregory responded positively to the idea.

“I hope our next project together would be happier and lighter,” he added.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)


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