Urban Meyer explains why LSU is No. 1


Former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer picked LSU as his top team earlier on Saturday.

And his explanation on FOX Sports’ Big Noon Kickoff was pretty simple: It’s about what the Tigers have done on the field.

“It’s who you’ve played and it’s who you’ve beaten,” Meyer said. “And LSU made the conscious decision to schedule home and home at Texas. And I’m a big fan of that. I think college football needs to see that. I think you need to reward teams that go do that. They beat two top 10 teams. Do I think they’re the very best, or best roster? I think Alabama and Ohio State probably have the best roster but that’s a think. That’s a very subjective — and we’ll get to that at some point — take subjectivity out of it. Take objective: They’ve beat two top 10 teams, one on the road, no question. Do I think they’re the most talented? But then once again, that’s my opinion. No one should care about your opinion. It’s what you do on the field.”

Meyer had Ohio State at No. 2 and Alabama just behind at No. 3.

The Texas game truly served as LSU’s coming out party. After an offseason full of chatter about how the Tigers’ offense would be more dynamic and explosive under new passing game coordinator Joe Brady, the Texas game was proof of life.

With second-year starter Joe Burrow throwing for 471 yards and four touchdowns, LSU grabbed a big 45-38 victory. And Burrow had a Heisman Trophy-type moment, when he helped the Tigers convert a third-and-17 by connecting with Justin Jefferson past the chains. But Jefferson was in a one-on-one matchup, and he wasn’t finished, exploding past the Texas defense for a largely game-clinching 61-yard score.

And while Burrow didn’t show that kind of volume against Florida, Burrow still picked apart one of the nation’s elite defenses, hitting on 21-of-24 passes for 293 yards and three touchdowns while rushing six times for 43 yards as well.

Later in the broadcast, FOX Sports’ Matt Leinart used those games for why he picked Burrow atop his Heisman Trophy list.

“Joe Burrow, No. 1. What can I say? I base this on how do you play against the best teams on your schedule,” Leinart said. “On the road at Texas and then at home against Florida, two top 10 teams. At the same time, he was lights out against them. Right now, 25 touchdown passes, three interceptions.

“I think he’s the best player in America right now.”

It’s hard to argue; no player has two performances like those against elite competition so far this season. And halfway through the season, Burrow is on pace to set a new NCAA record for passing accuracy, completing 79.6 percent of his passes.


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