Gillian Chung joins reality show for Chen Kaige


17 Oct – Gillian Chung recently revealed that the opportunity to work with filmmaker Chen Kaige was the reason why she joined the new mainland reality show, “Everybody Stand By”.

According to Mingpao, the actress shared her intention during the first episode of the programme, when Chen expressed his surprise that such an artiste of her calibre would appear on a reality show.

Gillian then told the filmmaker that she decided to join the show in order to make up for a past regret, despite the fact that she has already been in showbiz for 18 years.

“I had the chance to work in “Forever Enthralled” before, but because of a past incident, I couldn’t appear in director Chen’s movie. That is why I am here today,” she said.

After hearing her explanation, Chen admitted that he was moved by it and applauded Gillian for her participation.

Many speculated that the incident mentioned by Gillian concerned her relationship with Edison Chen and his infamous sex scandal in 2008. It is noted that Gillian was filming “Forever Enthralled” at the time, a movie about the Chinese opera singer Mei Lanfang. Her scenes reportedly had to be cut from the final film because of the scandal.

(Photo Source: Gillian Chung Instagram)


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