Jinny Ng says no to daughter becoming a singer


17 Oct – Despite her success as a singer, Jinny Ng recently admitted that she would rather not let her daughter Giselle have the same career in the future.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who spoke to the media during an appearance at RTHK building, shared that her two-year-old daughter has actually started to show her talent in music.

“She really has a good voice. She has surpassed me. Her pitch is also better. Quite the talent,” she enthused.

However, when asked if she would let Giselle become a singer like her, Jinny responded, “I want her to be a doctor and help other people. I will do my best to give her a good education.”

The singer also revealed that she and partner Alex Ho have also started sending Giselle to school.

Asked if her daughter has already found herself a “boyfriend” at school, she laughed and responded, “I hope not. We have already made a rule for her. She can only start dating after 18.”

On the other hand, Jinny revealed that she will be travelling to Japan soon to shoot the third season of TVB’s travel show, “Sammy on the Go”.

(Photo Source: Jinny Ng Instagram)


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