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Walking holidays are an ideal trip of choice for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Julia Bradbury, 49, is an English television presenter who is well known for being an outdoor walking enthusiast. The Countryfile presenter has shared with Express.co.uk what those heading off on a walking holiday should pack for their trip. Her list includes obvious items such as walking boots to a few more intriguing things.

First up on Julia’s walking holiday packing list are waterproofs. “Wherever you’re going, whatever your destination, pack your waterproofs,” she told Express.co.uk

“Even if it’s a hot climate and you think it’s very unlikely it’s going to rain. Even in hot countries – and certainly in tropical countries – you can have topical rains storms.

“It can still be wet and damp so you still might want waterproof trousers if you’re jungle trekking or going through damp terrain.”

Julia also emphasises the importance of good walking boots – and you might want to consider investing in more than one pair.

“Make sure you’ve got the right kind of boots for the terrain you’re going to be walking through,” she said.

“For example, you’d have a different kind of walking boot if you were doing a forest walk compared to a mountain walk because you’d want something lightweight.

“This could possibly be something fabric rather than leather, making it breathable but waterproof. Your boot choice is important.”

A versatile boot is key if you’re going to be covering a selection of terrains on your walking holiday.

“Sometimes if you’re travelling quite a distance and going to lots of different places walking you might want to pick one boot that is going to work across a variety of different terrains,” said Julia.

The presenter advises packing something lightweight which means eschewing a stiffer leather boot in favour of fabric with ankle support because it is lightweight will work in several different locations.

“If you’re going for a boot that will suit all walks then an ankle boot is vital,” she said.

Another option is approach shoes which are becoming more popular. These are good for rough track terrain but not for steep inclines.

Julia also reveals she takes sliders or flip flops wherever she is going because “they’re quite comfortable to travel with.”

She added: “It’s good to have them in your backpack if you get your boots wet or you cross a river or your feet get wet for whatever reason.”

A more surprising item Julia likes to take is a tinted lip balm. “It gives you sun protection and a splash of colour on the lips as well.”

Wet wipes or hand sanitiser are also a must for a walking holiday, said Julia.

The walking enthusiast also advises taking a single strap rucksack, weighing scales and a waterproof jacket.


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