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Billy ailish

Marina Alexandrova became the face of the Pantene brand, Charlize Theron starred in an ad for Jior’s bathroom line by Dior, sister Kardashian released a collection of fragrances inspired by diamonds, and the singer Billy Elish lost half her hair due to a stylist’s mistake (and she got a new haircut!). What else was said this week in the world of beauty – read in our material.

Charlize Theron starred in the new video of the bath line from Dior

Dior introduced new bath line facilities and the new J'adore video with 44-year-old Charlize Theron. In a 30-second video titled One drop of J'adore, and I'm dressed in Dior, the actress, who has been the face of J'adore for 13 years, appears in front of the camera completely naked.

Charlize Theron

The range includes jasmine scented shower oil, Last Sublime body milk with cotton nectar and a shimmering Gelee d'Or gel. The inspiration for their creation was the queens who loved to take a bath – Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Marie Antoinette.

Marina Alexandrova became the face of the Pantene brand

Theater and film actress Marina Alexandrova became the face of the Pantene brand.
My hair is my crown! And I want to wear it not only on the set, but also in everyday life. For me, hair has always been not just a part of appearance, but an integral part of my strength and confidence. I will be happy to inspire and give these feelings and emotions to other women through our partnership, – said the star of the series "Catherine."

Marina Alexandrova

Filming of a commercial in support of the launch of the Pantene Minute Miracle Keratin Reconstructor collection took place in the historic interiors of Moscow palaces. The director of the commercial was Vincent Jerome.

Marina Alexandrova

I will not hide, my favorite role is the role of Catherine. And this, among other things, six months of daily styling using irons, hair dryers and styling. Indeed, for the Empress's hairstyles, wigs were not used. Only my hair! Of course, this affected their condition: the hair was in urgent need of intensive restoration. And at that moment I realized how hair affects my sense of self. If they are in perfect condition, then everything is going fine with me! – said the actress.

Marina Alexandrova

Kim, Courtney, and Chloe Kardashian launch a diamond-inspired fragrance collection

Kim, in partnership with Courtney and Chloe Kardashian, has created three new fragrances for her KKW Fragrance brand. The collection includes floral Pink Diamond (Courtney flavor), Jasmine Yellow Diamond (Chloe flavor) and Sweet (berry candy) Diamond (Kim flavor).

All of them are enclosed in luxurious bottles in the form of the girls' best friends – diamonds! New items are already available on the brand’s official website and will cost $ 40 (2,500 rubles).

Kim, Courtney, and Chloe Kardashian

Kim, Courtney, and Chloe Kardashian

Stylist Mistake: Billy Ailish's New Hairstyle

This is every girl’s worst nightmare. The scenario is as follows: you lighten the hair, the stylist overexposes the paint, and the hairstyle turns into a washcloth.

Billy ailish

Unfortunately, this is exactly the situation in which the 17-year-old Billy Ailish recently found herself. At LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles, she appeared with a cascade haircut, reminiscent of a mullet haircut from the 70s and 80s. However, the TMZ journalist found out that Eilish flaunts with a new hairstyle not at all because of a thirst for experimentation.

The reporter talked with the girl about her image at the Los Angeles airport, and it turned out that the colorist burned her hair when dyeing!

Billy ailish

Billy ailish
Now it looks like a mallet. But this shit came out by chance – explained the celebrity.

And the girl does not intend to continue to flaunt with such a hairstyle. Eilish said she was going to grow hair.

Cosmetics based on the series "Friends"

Remember when many dreamed of a cult shade of lipstick from M.A.C heroine Jennifer Aniston from Friends? Now you can buy a whole thematic set of palettes and brushes based on your favorite series.

Inside the palettes – 12 shades of shadows (from black to bright pink). Each color corresponds to a famous scene from the series. For example, the color "You are my crab" refers to the romantic relationship between Rachel and Ross. There is even a perfect brown shade of Coffee inspired by the famous Central Perk Coffee House.

The collection also has four red and black brushes for powder and eyeshadow. They are packed in a handy case with the Friends logo and Central Perk. Oh, nostalgia.

We are not sure whether the news will be available in Russia (sob), but they can always be ordered through foreign sites.

Yourself a trainer: what is the i-Boost Move Beyong Beauty platform

Italian inventor Gianfranco Tudico invented a miracle machine that can replace cardio training, general workout, muscle stimulation, fitness, working out deep and small muscles together.

Such training lasts only 20 minutes and includes exercises on a moving platform, specially designed to simulate elliptical movements that involve up to 95 percent of the muscles of the whole body. A short training session on iMove on energy consumption of the body is equivalent to an hour of training in the gym.

Hair to hair

And again, beauty news from inventive Italian scientists. They say they came up with a procedure that will help to permanently get rid of hair loss. It sounds, of course, too good, so let's get it right.

The promising Regenera Activa method is to stop baldness from the hair follicle’s own root cells and stimulate new hair growth.

The world learned about this technology after Kim Kardashian discovered a bald spot on the head of her sister Courtney on the air of their reality show. Wife Kanye West then announced that she had made her sister sign up for patented cell therapy.

This is a natural and safe method approved by the FDA using licensed equipment. After the Regenera Activa procedure, the structure and density of hair growth, as well as the condition of the scalp, improves. Due to the use of own cells there is no risk of allergic reactions or material rejection – complete safety, minimal mechanical contact without tissue damage, – Explain the experts of the clinic Lazer Jazz.

In addition to stopping hair loss within three weeks after the procedure, the density and density of the hair significantly increases due to the activation of a large number of hair follicles. Therefore, Regenera Activa is used as a preparatory stage before a hair transplant, and also as a supportive therapy after it.

However, to see noticeable changes, it will take about two to three months (three weeks is enough for short hair). In theory, it is done only once (the price of the procedure is 120 thousand rubles), but to increase the effectiveness of the treatment of alopecia, it is recommended that up to three sessions, between which there should be a break of four to eight weeks.
The procedure is suitable for both men and women with androgenetic, diffuse alopecia, including age-related hair loss (with bald patches, bald spots, visible thinning of hair density). Contraindications are inflammation in the treated area, acute infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic, including oncopathology. The material is taken in the occipital region using a special apparatus in such a way that there are no noticeable traces after the procedure, and tissue healing takes place in a short time, – Clinic experts add.


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