Give the woman a "bream": a scandalous interview with Tarasov, an unexpected recognition by Buzova and a reaction on the network


Give to woman

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova

For the second day now, almost the main topic on the network has been the scandalous interview of football player Dmitry Tarasov, in which he said that he could give a woman a "bream" for bad behavior. Later, the athlete tried to make excuses for his words, but exactly on the day of his interview, ex-spouse Tarasova Olga Buzova admitted that she had experienced domestic violence. True, the star did not give names, but the journalists quickly found out that yes, it was the matter – being married to Tarasov, she did contact the police because of the beatings.

Netizens, of course, did not become silent – criticism of Tarasov fell instantly. Buzov, I must say, was not supported by everyone either. And the topic of discussion from the rash statements of the stars has shifted towards the updated bill on the prevention of domestic violence, which is being prepared for submission to the State Duma.

Confused? Let's get it right.

The same interview

On November 6, an interview with the former midfielder of Moscow Lokomotiv and the Russian team Dmitry Tarasov appeared on the YouTube channel of rapper T-killah. At the 29th minute, the football player says that there are certain boundaries in the relationship, having crossed which a woman can get a “bream”.

There is such a red zone in which a woman should not enter, whether she is pregnant or not. While not pregnant, generally can get right away <...> No? A bream so small

– said Tarasov.

An unexpected statement from Buzova

On the same day, the KP interview with Tarasov's ex-wife Olga Buzova (the footballer and TV presenter were married from 2012 to 2016), in which she talks about the experience of domestic violence:

I remember that I was scared to tell someone about this. I didn’t want anyone to know about this. I know for myself: it’s always a shame when such terrible things happen in a family. And I know that a huge number of women live in this state of fear. But do not be afraid to leave. Now many girls have proven that they are self-sufficient and can provide for themselves. Many people told me in due time: they say, how can you cope alone? Nothing, managed. Although it all started from scratch, with a new apartment, with a new car.

The name of the one who was violent towards her, Olga, as we said earlier, refused to be named. However, the journalists themselves found out everything.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

Investigation of journalists

According to Mash, in the fall of 2013, Buzova contacted the police three times. According to the source, then the spouses came to the rented apartment several times to conduct “educational” conversations with the player. Apparently, these conversations were active, since Buzova refused to take the beatings and write a statement to her husband.

She explained to the district policeman that she felt sorry for her husband and that she wouldn’t be able to stand dirty linen in public,

– said the source.

Tarasov, who, after the release of the interview with Buzova, got through with the journalists, said:

What kind of questions? I'm already laughing. Let it show a statement. I will laugh.

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova
Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova

Reaction of the network and public figures

After the premiere of the video interview, a wave of criticism immediately fell on the football player. It is understandable, the statement about the "bream" could not but cause a public outcry.

Public figures also reacted to the incident. So, Tina Kandelaki admitted that Tarasov’s words “plunged her into a stupor”:

It turns out that when communicating with a man, there are such red lines for which a woman can be struck. And I have no doubt that this is the conscious position of Dmitry, like thousands of other men. It leads to the rampant violent crime. After all, if a woman can, in the words of a football player, “give a bream” and, obviously, not be punished for this, then everything else is also possible.In this interview, young fans of Dmitry will watch, and on the way out we will get a continuation of the problem of violence instead of eliminating it. Honestly: it's disgusting to even hear that. No – and I want as many people as possible to hear me – no red lines to let my hands go. Do not allow anyone to touch yourself without your consent, get away from abusers and rapists and condemn even theoretical considerations on the admissibility of assault. Otherwise we will never break this vicious circle– wrote Kandelaki in her telegram channel.

Tina Kandelaki
Tina Kandelaki

Trying to apologize

Yesterday, Dmitry Tarasov apologized for his interview. More, of course, it seemed like an excuse. According to the player, the phrase was taken out of context, so it should not be taken literally and seriously.

I was brought up in a good family with the right upbringing and traditions, so the topic of domestic violence is closed to me. I myself am a father, I have daughters. Therefore, I understand that in the future they will marry and they should be treated as much as I show them in relation to my wife,

– Tarasov said in a video posted on his page on Instagram.

The athlete explained that the video interview that appeared on the YouTube channel of rapper T-killah was entertaining. According to the idea of ​​the authors of the project, the couple (the wives of Tarasov and T-killah took part in the video recording) compete in wit, trying to bring each other to emotions.

I thought that many would not take it seriously. But once you have accepted, I apologize to you. I do not raise my hand against women and love my wife. Because to all the world, good. Do not listen when phrases are taken out of context.

Commentary by Tarasov’s wife

The athlete’s wife, Anastasia Kostenko, defended Dmitry, accusing the media of a scandal surrounding their family:

The media is ABUSER. I’m not used to commenting on leading positions, but here, when the media decided to make me a victim of domestic violence, I won’t be silent.To start, a small digression. I am very ashamed of our journalists, especially those personalities who have a huge number of people who are officially representatives of Russian Mass Communication. It’s very shameful, as it’s fashionable to say now, to hype on torn video material, without first familiarizing yourself with the full story.

Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov
Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov

At the same time, Kostenko noted that the assault in their family is a taboo.

The pregnant woman, not pregnant, said without thinking it over, or had once taken out the brain – none of the above was accompanied and will not be accompanied by slaps in the face. Do you really think that if my beloved was a tyrant, then I would be so calm in relaxation, with a smile from ear to ear, driving in a car?My loved ones know that I endured – incompatible opposites. It is strange that it occurred to someone.

Domestic Violence Act

On the net now – following the scandal with Tarasov – they are again talking about the law on domestic violence (Buzova, by the way, supported him). As it became known a few days ago, an updated bill on the prevention of domestic violence is being prepared for submission to the State Duma. Is this just what will bring the renewal of family legislation to Russian society? This question is asked by many Internet users.

Opinions, as expected, were divided: some are sure that the collapse of family foundations is coming, others believe that the law will become an effective defense against abusers.

To date, the bill, over which forty authors have been working for several years, proposes to introduce:

the concept of "domestic violence" and a clear distinction between its types – sexual, physical, economic, psychological;

protective orders, thanks to which it will be possible to isolate the husband / roommate from the woman and prevent him from approaching his potential victim;

measures for working with rapists. They include anger management courses for aggressors, measures to prevent recurrence of cruelty, and prevention.

Note that all the proposed measures are already working in many countries of the world.


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