Great gifts for boys in 2019


Wedged between childhood and the teenage years, boys ages 10 to 12 can be hard to buy for. What do they like, these mysterious preteen creatures? Well, they love games like  Fortnite  and Minecraft, and they may even still like to play with toy cars and Legos. And anything robotic is a guaranteed hit. You could indulge your tween’s silly side and get him a fun game, and maybe mom and dad will even get to play. If he’s looking for more independence, a motorized scooter or a cool wallet are practical gifts. And if your guy is into awesome trends like Marvel movies, we’ve got you covered. Go easy on yourself and scroll on through and take a look at these perfect gifts for tween boys.


This award-winning tabletop game combines elements of traditional card and board games to deliver a fun way for two to four players to burn 30 minutes at a time, encouraging imagination and problem solving skills. It costs less than $20, too. Talk about a perfect gift.

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This isn’t your typical toy car kit. The tween who still loves his Hot Wheels and RC car will definitely appreciate this more mature, tech-laden and overall awesome track set. Use the 16 track pieces to create a raceway, then scan the included cars and use the special app to track performance, play games and more.


Your tween can play ping pong anywhere with this entertaining little game. He can build hand-eye coordination and hone his motor skills by bouncing the ball over the net over and over again. With just bit of practice, it won’t take long for players to become pros! To keep things exciting, the electronic game keeps track of the score, and will announce it with lights and sounds.


TweeYour tween muggle will have his imagination piqued by the Lego Harry Potter series. The Hogwarts Great Hall set (best for ages 9-14) has 878 pieces and includes 10 minifigures. If you’re going big this holiday season, the entire Hogwarts Castle can be yours for $399. Potter sets are available at a variety of prices.


This electric scooter is pricey, but it’s pretty cool. The Razer Power A2 has an electric motor that kicks in once you start scooting — kids can get up to 10 mph on this bad boy. It has a weight limit of 143 pounds and perfect for zipping around the neighborhood. It folds up for easy transport and acceleration happens with the push of a button, so there isn’t much to learn before you tween gets going; the throttle control is right there on the (adjustable) handle bar. Charge it up and your tween can use the motor for up to 40 minutes before it needs a recharge. This is one seriously great gift.


Boys and girls who are growing bored with Legos may be interested in designing and building this cool roller coaster kit from K’nex. The new Dragon Coaster features a fantasy twist — dragons! Build a motorized coaster track featuring a light-up coaster car and a moving dragon. This is the perfect gift for the kid who loves both fast cars and fantasy adventures and wants a toy that does both!


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