Meghan Markle and Prince Harry joke around with soldiers’ children in adorable new footage from Windsor coffee morning visit


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been filmed playing with the children of military families during a visit to a coffee morning in Windsor in an adorable new video.

Meghan was seen being given cupcakes at Broom Farm Community Centre on Wednesday before telling the boys and girls: ‘I have so many cakes now, I’m going to open a restaurant.’

Prince Harry praised those who maintain a home life while their partner is away on operations and sympathised with service personnel missing out on their child’s development while serving abroad.

He was warned one girl ‘might jump on you’ when he sat down on the floor to play with her, but she quickly turned away from him and cuddled her mother instead – leaving Harry laughing .

Meghan also joined a girl pretending to make a call with a play mobile phone at the centre, which is in the heart of an Army housing estate, as a mother could be heard repeatedly saying: ‘Sit still please, sit still please.’

The couple met families from the Welsh Guards, Coldstream Guards and Household Cavalry, and Harry asked a group who they belonged to. After one said she was from ‘the band’, he said: ‘Stick with them, you’ll be fine.’

The Duke and Duchess also shared details about life with baby son Archie as he turns six months old – telling a group of military families that he is beginning to crawl and has two teeth. 

A video of their visit was released today, one day after the couple posted an Instagram message at 9am yesterday on their Sussex Royal account, which told how they ‘surprised their neighbours in Windsor’.

Harry – who returned from his visit to Japan for the Rugby World Cup final on Sunday – wore a Royal British Legion poppy on a blue jumper on top of a shirt and animatedly received a cake from a young girl called Poppy Dean. 

Meghan, who wore a white blouse and black skirt, sported her poppy on a khaki coat – and crouched down as she spoke to the children. 

It comes after Harry sent the England rugby squad a picture of Archie in a Red Rose jersey in a good luck message last week, before the final which they lost to South Africa.  

Yesterday, the Duchess made her first visit to Westminster Abbey’s ‘Field of Remembrance’ as she joined her husband Harry to honour the nation’s war dead. 

Harry and Meghan’s post on their Instagram page

Yesterday, The Duke and Duchess surprised their neighbours in Windsor at a coffee morning for military families in a community centre located in the heart of the Army housing estate. Every year during the month of November we pause to remember and honour all those who have served their country here in the UK, across the Commonwealth and around the world. Their Royal Highnesses also wanted to show support for the families of service personnel who are currently deployed overseas.

As we lead up to Remembrance Sunday, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will join Her Majesty The Queen and other Members of the Royal Family at various commemoration events, including the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall and the Cenotaph.

During the visit yesterday, Their Royal Highnesses met with young families who shared their experiences as parents and as couples who are often apart from their loved ones for months at a time. A reminder that a life of service does not simply describe the person wearing the uniform, but the entire family.

#Remembrance #Lestweforget

The majority of the Coldstream Guards are on exercise in Kenya and a large proportion of the Welsh Guards are coming to the end of a long deployment to the Falklands.

Harry, who served for 10 years as an Army officer, said he was in awe of military families holding it together back home, saying: ‘It’s unbelievably hard. I have so much respect and admiration for anyone who has to deal with that.’

The Sussexes took Archie to southern Africa last month for their first official tour as a family and the duke empathised with service personnel who are away from their children. 

He said: ‘I can’t imagine what it’s like to miss so much as they change so quickly.’

Meghan chatted to parents about her son, who was six months old on Wednesday, and shared stories about his development with Amy Thompson, whose husband Brad is attached to the Welsh Guards.

Ms Thompson said: ‘My daughter Aeris is the same age as Archie and we talked about weaning and the children beginning to crawl – she’s just a normal mum and it was like talking to a friend.’

During the visit, Harry was pictured holding a little girl while Meghan high-fived a toddler.

Army spouse Leigh Smith took her eight-year-old daughter Molly to meet the royal visitors and the youngster said: ‘Meghan promised not to tell anyone that I was off school. She asked me who my best friend was.’ 

Ms Smith added: ‘We had a party when Harry and Meghan got married and we’ve followed their story ever since, so it was an amazing experience for Molly to shake hands with them. 

Poorly Camilla pulls out of joint engagement with Harry and Meghan

The Duchess of Cornwall had to pull out of a remembrance service at Westminster Abbey yesterday because of a chest infection.

Camilla was due to attend the event with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex but was told by her doctor to cancel her engagements owing to a chest infection which has got progressively worse over the last few days.

The Duchess is patron of the Poppy Factory in south-west London where remembrance poppies are made.

Royal sources say Camilla was ‘deeply disappointed’ not to be able to attend the Field of Remembrance service and is ‘determined to do everything she can to be well enough for the major events of the coming weekend.’

A Clarence House spokesman said: ‘The Duchess of Cornwall has been told by her doctor to cancel her engagements owing to a chest infection which has got progressively worse over the last few days.’

On Wednesday, she had to pull out of a gala dinner at the London Library to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Prince Albert on medical advice. 

‘It’s really special and a lovely boost for the whole community.’

Coldstream Guards welfare officer Captain Colin Lewis said the visit was a welcome tonic after a tough 18 months.

The officer said: ‘The regiment are really appreciative of the support the families provide by picking up the burden when the service person is away.

‘It’s great for the duke and duchess to take the time to truly understand the challenges they face.  

‘They are very down to earth and they’ve had a snapshot of the entire community here by talking to lots of people from different backgrounds.’

Tariq Baksh, from the Household Cavalry welfare team, also felt that the couple could relate to many of the families as young parents, saying: ‘They’re a modern family and completely empathised with people – our families realised that they’re no different.’

Helen Llewelyn-Usher, wife of Welsh Guards Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Henry Llewelyn-Usher, said the visit will help families to make new friends.

She said: ‘It’s amazing that Harry and Meghan found time to fit this in to their busy schedule – they shook hands with every single person. 

‘It brought together lots of people and now they will always have this amazing memory in common.’


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