New places to eat in Serangoon Garden


The next time you’re catching up with friends or family at the upscale Serangoon Garden housing estate, you might want to check out three new eateries at the nearby MyVillage mall serving juicy grilled chicken, crispy thin-crust pizzas, refreshing Acai berry smoothies, and more. 

Kor Kai

At left, the whole squid stuffed with tom yum fried rice. At right, young papaya salad. Photos: Coconuts Singapore

One new arrival is Kor Kai, which serves northeastern Thai cuisine and is located in MyVillage’s basement. With more than 30 seats available, you can round up a small group of friends and sink your teeth into their signature grilled chicken (S$23 per whole bird), cooked with special herbs and topped with lots of coarse black pepper.

Pair that with a plate of tangy young papaya salad (S$6.50), or a side of grilled whole squid stuffed with fragrant tom yum fried rice (S$16.50) for a hearty meal.

For dessert, Kor Kai’s steamed toast is slathered with pandan- or Thai milk tea-flavored cream, and is one of many indulgent options to consider.

Opens 10am

The Peel 1889

The Margherita by The Peel 1889. Photo: Coconuts Singapore

Take the escalator up to the ground floor of the shopping center and find The Peel 1889.

The casual Italian dining restaurant, with around 50 outdoor and indoor seats, serves freshly made Margherita pizzas (S$23) that come with a side of creamy Burrata cheese air-flown directly from Italy.

In case you were wondering, The Peel did not open in 1889. Restaurant owner Edward Lim, who is also the man who brought South Korean fried chicken chain BonChon to Singapore, wanted to pay homage to the origins of the Margherita, said to be invented in 1889.

Other than pizzas, The Peel also whips up pretty addictive stuffed rice balls filled with truffled mushrooms, otherwise known as Arancini (S$9). There is also the Carbonara (S$17), which comes with crispy parmesan cheese and a molten egg on top.

Opens 11am

The Acai Collective

Buttered Acai smoothie. Photo: The Acai Collective

Thinking of a healthy and refreshing treat on your way home? The shopping center is finally jumping on the Acai berry smoothie trend after welcoming The Acai Collective, a new F&B enterprise founded by local couple Cordelia Low and husband Michael Luo.

Low, who grew up nearby, is a big fan of the trendy Central American superfood packed with antioxidants. To keep her vibrant-looking bowls of nutritious desserts healthy, Low made sure no additional flavorings or sugar is added. The acai is instead blended with sweet bananas and topped with sweet, citrus fruits to make sure they’re still delightful.

She has also introduced other superfoods to the menu such as the sour acerola cherries, and the buckini. The buckini is a healthy snack made of protein-packed seeds and is a great alternative to granolas.

Opens 10:30am.

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