Nivea sells one of these moisturisers every 20 seconds


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As the winter weather approaches most of us are reaching for a trusty moisturiser to help combat dry skin. Thought you needed to purchase a spenny product to get results? Think again.

New sales data from Nivea reveals that one tube of its 24hr Day Creams (£4.09) is sold every 20 seconds in the UK. That’s 180 an hour and a whopping 4,320 a day.

The range is made up four variations: refreshing, tinted, mattifying, and nourishing.

The 24h Nourishing Day Cream is the best-selling variant, selling 751,674 tubes in one year alone.

As for why the creams are a cult favourite?

The dermalogically-approved moisturiser is specially formulated with Vitamin E & Anti-Oxidants to provide intense moisture. It also includes SPF 15 for much needed protection from sunlight.

The creamy formula is often praised online, many having used the affordable product for years.

Buy now: 24h Nourishing Day Cream | £4.09

“After years of buying way too expensive “designer moisturizers” (because I thought they were better) I finally found something that does the job and a lot better too at a fraction of the price! Thank you Nivea – my skin thanks you too!!” reads one five star review on Boots.

“I have been using it for years right from my early 20’s and I’m 31 now” said another customer who added “You really cannot go wrong with Nivea! Also, I once met an elderly woman in her 89’s who had beautiful soft clear skin and I asked her what she used and she said Nivea…so there you go!!!”

So, what are you waiting for? We’re off to add it to our basket ASAP.

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