Oleg Menshikov celebrated his birthday with Julia Peresild, Danila Kozlovsky and Alexander Petrov


Oleg Menshikov celebrated his birthday with Julia Peresild, Danila Kozlovsky and Alexander Petrov

Oleg Menshikov and Alexander Petrov

Yesterday, November 8, theater and film actor and theater director Oleg Menshikov celebrated his 59th birthday in the company of close friends and colleagues.

The celebration took place, of course, on the stage of the Ermolova Theater, of which Menshikov is the artistic director. On this day, the birthday boy presented a new production within the framework of the project "Cinema on the Stage", in which the main roles were played by Julia Peresild, Danila Kozlovsky and Timofey Tribuntsev.

"Cinema on the stage" is a project where the scripts of famous films are read by movie and theater stars. Moreover, no preliminary rehearsals ever take place – the participants of the performances go on stage and simply begin to improvise.

Improvisation is one of the most important elements on the stage. But at the same time, responsibility lies with us. All participants are professionals in their field, but everyone is worried, because it’s difficult to catch not only contact with the audience, but also contact with each other,

– shared Menshikov.

This time, Menshikov's choice fell on a foreign film – the musical comedy directed and produced by Billy Wilder's "Only Jazz in Jazz," starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

The role of Darling was performed by Julia Peresild, Joe – Danila Kozlovsky, and Jerry – Timothy Tribuntsev. Menshikov also acted as an author. Also in attendance were Viktor Sukhorukov, Alexander Filippenko, Anna Ardova, Andrei Urgant and Sergey Kempo.

It is terribly difficult to work in such a genre. Although I have a great company on stage, you can only envy yourself. In fact, I admire Oleg Menshikov, who is calm and confident. I’m very scared, because this is a bare improvisation. As for the film "Only Jazz in Jazz", I am very fond of Marilyn Monroe as a person. I think she had so much pain in her soul, and outwardly she is such a fool. The ease and childishness of this woman delight me. Although it seems to me that for the role of Dushechka, they nevertheless took me to doom,

– admitted Peresild.

Julia Peresild

Alexander Petrov

Andrey Urgant

It must be said that “Only Girls Are in Jazz” is the first foreign film chosen by Menshikov for readings. Earlier on the stage of the Ermolova Theater, the scripts for Pokrovsky Gates, Elusive Avengers, Diamond Arm and Welcome, or No Trespassing have been read.

Anna Ardova

Viktor Sukhorukov

Leonid Yarmolnik

Stasa Miloslavskaya

Sergey Kempo


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