Shoppers left in stitches after spotting ‘rude’ pattern on £56 FatFace Christmas jumper


Now the temperatures have dropped, the prospect of cosying up in a Christmas jumpers sounds very appealing.

While their often-novelty designs are intended to make you smile – one festive sweater left shoppers in stitches for all the wrong reasons.

The ‘Felicity Fairisle Jumper’, which costs £56 from FatFace, has had people in giggles thanks to what they claim is its “rude” black and red snowflake pattern.

They pointed out that the sweater, which is from Holly Willoughby’s stylist Angie Smith’s The Stylist Edit, has been designed with what appears to be a row of breasts.

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Sharing images of the jumper on Mumsnet, a woman wrote: “I don’t think they really thought though pattern.

“Or maybe they did for the niche market of those who think knitwear isn’t complete without a line of boobs across it.”

Other users rushed to agree with her that they now couldn’t “un-see” breasts in the pattern.

One mum wrote: “More t*twear than knitwear.”

A woman shared the sweater on Mumsnet and asked if others could also see something amiss about the snowflake pattern [Image: FatFace]

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Another commented: “I’d feel like a right t*t wearing that.”

A third shared: “Right so, a row of mini-boobles… I will never look at a string of baubles quite the same again.”

And a fourth added: “Cannot be unseen.”

Even those browsing the brand’s website couldn’t help but be left baffled by the design.

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Reviewing the item, a shopper joked: “The pattern looks exactly like a row of boobs! Multi-boob bunting across your own boobs!”

A second teased: “BOOBY JUMPERS FOR ALL.”

A third admitted: “LOOKS A LITTLE BOOBISH. Looks just like a row of boobs.

“Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that. It is a lovely jumper, just don’t be surprised if you have a few curious glances whilst out shopping or taking tea.”

The ‘Felicity Fairisle’ knit is part of Angie Smith’s The Stylist Edit [Image: FatFace]

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Available in sizes 6 to 18, the ivory-coloured jumper is made from a woollen blend fabric.

The product description reads: “We’ve teamed up with renowned stylist Angie Smith to bring you an exclusive edit of our latest collection.

“One of the key pieces you can’t be without this season, this fairisle jumper is a classic and not just for Christmas.

“We’ve added seamless raglan sleeves for a better fit around shoulders, with a pretty fairisle yoke and a touch of sparkle…”

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